News - 1 P890 Class Is Godly Warzone 2. Best P890 Class Setup - Warzone 2

Class setup

Class setup

So in today's article, I'm going to show you the best build for the P890 pistol in Modern Warfare 2. Starting off with our first attachment, guys, we have the fjx and the dr70. Now this is going to increase aim-down speed, aim stability, and sprint to fire speed. This is a really good attachment to have on if you're trying to be aggressive up close with a run and gun type of pistol build, so you're going to throw this on now for our next attachment we have the DZS, open comp now this can help with vertical and horizontal recoil control now in today's gameplay you're going to see me have full control of this weapon, so you want to copy this down as well now hop on over to our next attachment we have the Bruin Express Trigger action now this can help with extra fire rate and can help us be more aggressive up close shooting faster than m4s and MP5s.

best mw2 p890 class

If you have a fast trigger finger, you're going to be really good with this. You want to copy this down now for the magazine. I am running the 12-round mag now. Personally, I think with a pistol, this one only comes stock with eight bullets and a magazine, so I bumped it up to 12, so we're getting four more bullets.

Fast Draw, so when Amy is downstairs with an assault rifle or another weapon, you can press triangle or whatever you're using to switch your weapons. Now we're going back and tuning Our attachments here make the pistol a lot better to use when playing. Now we're going to max out the recoil stabilization in that gun's kick control, so we have more control of our weapon and we're going to have less kick when firing the weapon.

Now we're going to the Bruin Express trigger, and now we're going to have this for that Sprint the fire speed in the recoil smoothness, so when finding our weapon it's way more smooth when firing, and also our Sprint the fire speeds up, so we're more aggressively shooting faster off a Sprint, which can help us get more kills.

Now for the Rush 80 grip, we're going to max out the Sprint to fire speed at 0.45, which is going to make us even more aggressive when getting into those gun fights, and also the recoil steadiness is maxed out at 1.00, so with this on our weapon, it's super steady, easy to control, and you're going to have full control of the weapon.

But anyway, guys, that is the best build for the P890 pistol with its tunings here in Modern Warfare 2. This article can get 115 likes in 24 hours; that'd be much appreciated. But anyway, guys, let's hop right into the gameplay.



That should be it, all right? all right I'm feeling like this is the game; personally, I feel like this is a let me run over here real quick. All right, we already have a UAV, and this weapon actually has a nice hip fire as well. Is there another guy right there?

No, he's just chilling. Okay, there's still spawn on my side. I think I do believe Nope, never mind. All right, how many kills are there at 34? The game is actually really balanced right now; this is perfect. Please be the game please be the game. This is brutal when you get flash-bang all right; this guy's like right in this area up.

I forgot there's a little hole in that in the bottom part of that so you can still die. All right, now we're actually working; we're cooking right now. Call the dead to silence. Dang, I went the wrong way. I could not shoot right.

P890 CLASS is BROKEN in MODERN WARFARE 2! Best P890 Class Setup - MW2. In today's video i will be covering the Best p890 Class Setup Best p890 setup p890 Best Class Setup Best tuning for the p890 Here in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1! This p890 Class has NO RECOIL and has INSANE DAMAGE.
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