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Kastov 545 class setup

Kastov 545 class setup

all right In today's article, we're going to be covering a more slow-paced version of the 545 build. This one's going to be focusing more on very low recoil and good damage ranges in order to take longer-range fights, sort of like the TAC 56 in a way; it's very good for picking people off of rotations to objectives and just overall long-range gunfights in general.

I'm a big fan of this build. Let's get into the quick announcement before we jump into the article. I am officially partnered with G-Fuel Energy if you are looking for just a boost in your focus or a little bit of a jolt of energy while playing Call of Duty. G-Fuel is the drink for you, and even better, you guys can use code salty for 20 to 30 percent off your entire order over at {172}.

best kastov 545 class mw2

We're going to start with the stock and work our way to the left. The cast of Rama is where we're going to start, and that's going to give you aim walking speed and sprint speed if you want even less recoil. You can go with the Ftech Elite Stock here, but I do like to have a little bit of movement while I'm running my weapons, just so I'm not a complete snail, so that Aim Walking Speed is basically what I'm referring to.

The tuning here has a negative 1.29 for a negative dream down sight speed and a positive 1.7 for your aim walking speed for an optic on the Slimline Pro. This is just my preferred optic of choice; you can really use whatever you're comfortable with here. However, you don't even necessarily have to run this if you want to swap this house for something else altogether.

You can feel free to do so as well as the tuning on that I have a negative 1.55 toward aim down sight speed and plus, or. I'm sorry, a negative 2.25 toward far to reduce the visual recoil even further for the barrel you want, the IGK30. Giving you bullet velocity, recoil control, damage range, and hip fire accuracy, obviously, those are a lot of positives that will help a slower-paced weapon and a weapon that's going to be taking longer-range fights.

best kastov 545 class setup

The tuning on that is plus 0.21 toward recoil steadiness and negative 0.25 toward your aim down sight speed. The muzzle I have has the f-tat castle compensator, so for horizontal and vertical recoil control, there's not much in the form of vertical recoil; with this build, it's more of that side-to-side wide bounce, which is why I chose this exact muzzle.

Now you're going to be tuning that negative 0.34 toward your aim down sight speed and a plus 0.35 toward the gun kick control. Our last attachment is the X10 gravedigger. For recoil stabilization, here that tuning is going to be negative 0.80 towards rain down sight speed and negative 0.25 towards your aim walking speed, so this is a bill build that I've actually seen some people use and rank, and they've had some decent success with it, though it's not necessarily more powerful than the TAC 56, but it has a better recoil pattern and probably a better effective damage range all around.

I wanted to share this build after getting ranked and fried by it. I'm like, I wonder if that thing is actually like a viable option. After using it for a bit, I can confirm it is. As always, I hope you guys enjoy.

Kastov 545 gameplay

Kastov 545 gameplay

So we're using the build on 545 today that's more focused on damage range and low recoil, which means it's not exactly the fastest-paced weapon. That doesn't necessarily mean that's a bad thing, though; it just means you have to play a certain way. I just like games like this man; I dislike games.

And these guys are done playing them. I mean, sure, you could always just leave the game, but you know what I mean. Here's what it is: MGB no recoil cast on five four five,,,.*.

Best Kastov 545 Class Best Kastov 545 Class Setup. The SEASON 2 "KASTOV 545" has NO RECOIL in Modern Warfare 2! Best Kastov 545 Class Setup -MW2. Timecodes.
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