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X12 class setup

X12 class setup

So As requested, we're going to be using a solo X12 in today's article. Personally. I think they are better dual-wielded, but for things like headshots and some longer-range fights. I can see why people would want to run it in solo mode, so we're going to be covering my best setup here. Let's get started.

I am running the 24-round magazine to get a bunch of extra bullets into that magazine. This weapon isn't exactly as powerful as the other pistols in the game, so it is like a two-shot or a three-shot kill most of the time. I do believe you can two-shot with a headshot, but you're going to be shooting a bit more and a bit faster with this one from the rear grip.

best x12 class

I have the Cronin Lima. Fast draw sprint to fire speed is called down sight speed. We're going to tune this one here to negative 0.19, towards the game's down sight speed, and negative 0.16, towards the sprint to fire speed, for an optic here. I am running an optic pretty off-book for me with a pistol, but I have found much more success while running it.

I have the Slimline Pro for precision sight picture, which is going to give you just a little bit of a clearer picture while taking the longer-range shots. I find that the iron sights with the recoil control are not really that much of a recoil; it just kind of blinds you while you're spamming the trigger, so I'm going to be tuning this one here to a negative 1.65 to our dream down sight speed now that we have the Sidewinder, six-slide barrel that's going to give you recoil control and bullet velocity overall.

This weapon does have a bit of a damage range drop off, but there is unfortunately no barrel that's going to give you that option there, so I kind of played with it. That bullet velocity just makes your bolts connect a little quicker. You're going to tune this one to a negative 0.45 toward your aim walking speed and a negative 30 toward the aim down sight speed, and now we're finishing it off with the XRK, lightning fire trigger.

It's going to give you an extra fire rate where it's going to be tuned here to -0.15 toward your aim downside speed and -0.5 point zero five toward the sprint to fire. Just pick one of the two. That way I can get a good picture of what you guys are feeling without further ado. Let's get into the gameplay.

I hope you enjoy it.

X12 gameplay

X12 gameplay

I'm I'm going to quickly say before this gameplay starts that the dual-wield X12s are definitely better. That's all I have to say about it. I got asked to make a solo class setup, so we're doing it, and I understand why. Um, when you run against shotguns and things like that, it just doesn't happen; okay, there are so many decoys on the map that I can't even focus on what's happening; I don't know if people need to hear this, but decoys don't actually help your weapon XP anymore.

Of the epistles. I need a weapon that, if it's going to be used weekly, has a good fire rate; there aren't enough redeeming qualities for me to want to use it. Well, the urge for me to not pull out a weapon and absolutely get on that guy is overwhelming.

I will be using the best class setup for the x12 pistol in call of duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer. This is not my favorite secondary in the game, but it does the job quite well in the close ranges due to the fire rate and low recoil aspects. In the gameplay I will be playing shipment with the best x12 class and get 145 kills. Make sure to jump into mw2 multiplayer and give it a try now.
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