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Reaper I want to talk about it; Kill confirmed we located the rest of it—the UAV—online. Theo, UAV station, ADV UAV is ENT the AO I want to talk about how I missed any of those shots, because I shouldn't. Have, gas is in, good kill marking the rest of that squad on your T map, get hunting marked remaining operators from that squad, yo, this meta right here is kind of busted.

I'm not going to lie, it's not really. Win, all enemies. GG, Beautiful, all right. So this is the close range and long range meta in War Zone 3 and Modern Warfare 3, so we're going to start out with the bass B put on the VT7 spirit fire suppressor L for being undetectable, by radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim down sight speed, aim walking steadiness, and sprint to fire speed on the Brun Venom long barrel for B velocity and range recoil control aiming idle.

Sway and gun kick control the cost to Sprint to fire speed movement speed and Sprint speed put on Bron heavy support grip for gun kick control aiming out of sway horizontal and firing aim stability at the cost aim down sight speed and vertical recoil 45-round mag-cuz is the best choice overall, and the coil Eagle ey 2.5 times This is a personal preference, but use it if you want to.

3 best loadouts

This thing overall is amazing; it gets the job done very easily, and in my opinion, it actually is the strongest long-range AR. Now there are some very good ARS, but this is the strongest long-range AR just because of the damage profile. The only downside is the actual recoil it has, but if you guys want to actually copy this down, this is the best time to actually get a screenshot.

So screenshot this bas and try it out, as well as the Lockwood 680. Like I said, this thing is absolutely insane close range going on the Bryson choke for hipfire attack stance spread and tighter pet spread. Now you can use this or you can use the Bryson impr-proof choke; either way is really good.

I mean, you get more damage range with this; you get more hip-fire attack stand-off with this, so whatever you want to use, feel free. Lockwood Defender heavy long barrel for tube ammo capacity recoil control aiming always bullet velocity and range. Now, the cons you actually get may make you think that they're troubling, but you are going to offset this with another attachment.

best loadouts

Also, if you want to use the hammer forward, you actually do get some more bullet velocity and range. I'm pretty sure, so it's completely up to you whatever you want to use, but I chose this because you actually get 10 rounds versus six-point G3P. 04, for hip recoil control, hip fire attack stands spread out to fire speed at the cost of only a laser being visible at a hip does not matter.


I mean you're going to be melting them before they're being able to react to you so this is a good choice, to actually have your Sprint to fire ready and better hit fire s off mod for Sprint to fire speed movement speed aim walking speed and aim down side speed maxed out, all the cons you actually see are for weapons that you would aim down so I mean this is just the best of all worlds you're going to be a Powerhouse flying through the map and just taking out enemies one by one now the last thing is the express light bolt you do want this because you get faster rechambering speed and like I said the cons don't even matter so this is the best Lockwood 680 setup right here this is the close- range meta and it melts way too easy like you saw in the gameplay so try it out, , .

Best Loadout for Warzone 3 Best Class Setup for MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Loadout. the META LOADOUT in WARZONE 3! Warzone 3 Best Class Setups - MW3.
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