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Welcome back, guys! In this article, I'll be showing you some gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 open beta running on my Steam deck using Fos 11. This game is not compatible with the Steam OS due to its anti-cheap software. The open beta will be ending soon, Steamex The Windows APU driver is almost 7 months old now, so it is possible that the game's performance will improve in the future.

IFile releases a new driver for Windows rendering on the Steam deck. It is recommended to set the buffer size to 4GB via the Steam deck bio settings. I've installed the game on an SSD SKX PC 711; the game download size is around 74 GB. It's the same version as you can see, in case you don't already know.

Microsoft owns Activision Bard, and now I'm just looking forward to seeing Call of Duty games on the Xbox Game Pass. Activision did not employ regional pricing for this game in my country, which is India. It's priced at around Rs 5,600, roughly $70; if Activision had followed well-recommended regional pricing for India, this $70 game would have been priced at around Rs 2,800.

apu driver

I've already done my testing on this game on Steam, and the game supports FSI 2.1. Even with the performance preset, image quality was decently sharp enough for a 7-inch display, but I'll be honest, playing this game on the Steam deck is not ideal; it's a bit difficult to spot the enemies in the far-off background, especially the snipers.

With the minimum preset and FSR 2.1 set to Performance. FPS in the death match mode was within a range of 42 to 55 for a stable experience; you can cap the fps to 40; and in the ground war mode. FPS was within a range of 35 to 45. Still, the game was playable. Ground War mode features vehicular combat and bigger maps.

You can play the game using Steam Deck controls, but I'll be using my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to start the game. Steam deck tools are running in the background; this is its overlay. I've set the FPS and refresh rate limits. The game will restart when you run it for the first time. Shaders will get compiled on my deck.

It took about 5 minutes for the process to complete. In the menu, just go to settings, graphics. From here, I've set the display resolution to 800p, enabled help in eliminating screen tearing, and went to Qualy using the minimum preset. I'm targeting maximum possible FPS upsampling. I have set it to AMD FSR 2.1.


The game even supports Intel's XC SS and Nvidia's DLSS. Sampling DLSS is not accessible on Steam, so I have set the upsampling preset to Performance. There you go. I'll just scroll down and make sure you have set the VM scale. Target 50 It was set to 90 by default, which was causing the game to crash on Steam.

Preset there, and you go. For some reason, shaders are getting compiled again. I'll just wait for the process to be complete. The press is shown in the top left corner. Shaders help reduce the start ring. Yeah, the process has been completed. I'll enable the performance over there. Again, there you go, starting that match mode.

M bit 6 versus 6 place all right match. 26.3 is better than reducing the fps to 30 for a more enjoyable experience, but I'm using a mouse and keyboard to play the game. 30 FPS is not an ideal time to respawn. I'll respawn in a vehicle. There you go, good way to the processor, waiting for the explosions to

Testing Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Beta on Steam Deck 512 gb variant [ Windows 11 ] running off an SSD [SK Hynix BC711] . UMA Buffer Size set to 4gb . Virtual Memory size set to 16gb . Video recorded using Poco F5.
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