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So moving on to the belt of this HCR 56 LMG, this gun is absolutely underrated in my opinion in season two of multiplayer. The first attachment we're using on the HDR, of course, is the Cronin Mini Pro, and this is just simply because the Red Dot sight is better than the iron sights. Another reason we use the Chrono Mini Pro is for the ability to tune.

You can see this through the tuning of the ads speed. We have the ads set to -165, which is extremely important as this is an LNG by default. You do want to increase that mobility where possible, and then we have the far side stat two minus one: 81. The second attachment we're using on this HDR56 is a 24.4-inch-brimmed barrel.

This helps us with that 80 air speed and movement speed, once again improving the mobility of this LMG. For the tuning on this barrel, you see we have our recoil stiffness set to plus 0.31. Under 80s speed set to minus 0.15, so Wireless actually helps with only our ads speed, um, through the pros work through the tune, and we're also able to increase that recoil stiffness and control.

class setup

The third attachment we're using on this HCR56 is the X10-ported 219 model. This helps us with that recoil control, so, you see, it helps with vertical or equal tuning on this muzzle. You see, we have our recoil stabilization set to close to 0.54 and our gun control set to plus 0.29. So two very important benefits: here, we have increased mobility over the other attachments, but we also do want to make sure we don't lose out on that recoil too much, so that's exactly why we're using this attachment and this tuning.

The fourth attachment on this HCR56 is the brilliant Q900 grip. Now this is all about mobility; see how it helps with that Sprint fire speed and adds speed for the tuning on the brown Q900 grip. You see, we have our ads set to minus 84. Just increase that mobility even more, and that's the same as well for the sprint of fire speed; we have that set to minus 30, not 35.

hcr 56

You can increase these recoil segments here through the tuning if you want if you find that you are struggling with 30 recoil control, but I just have the inland side speed increased here because I think it's very important to increase the mobility on the LNG. The fifth and final attachment on this HDR56 is quite possibly the most important; this is what essentially turns us in this LNG into an AR, and that is the 30-round mag originally.

This lmg does have a 60-round magazine, which makes it very slow, but by changing it to the 30-round magazine, you can see that we're actually improving that movement speed, speed sprint to fire speed, and reload quickness, so it's a very important benefit to increase that mobility on the hdr56. So, though there is the final bell-shaped acr56, as I said, this is a very mobile version of this LMG, and I would say it actually turns it into more of an AR.

So, do try it out. As I said, this thing is absolutely underrated in season two.

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