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best lachman 556 class

No, more secrets. We finally have all the Ricoh stats from muzzles, the Heralds, and under barrels; thank you, Sim. Dot Eugene, and we're going to improve three extremely strong guns right now: pack 56 sniper support with a perfect muzzle rpk, with a perfect muzzle as well, and under barrel, followed up by the Lachman 556 with an absolutely no recoil growl, laser beam shooting screenshots included.

Let's begin with attack via sniper support we know already base without any attachments that are relatively low off but, there is a muzzle that makes this even better especially on distance because we really want these shots even, without a side it Wibble wobble to be absolute laser beam now there's a few standard attachment that's obviously the demo clean shot because you want to have that downside speed and you want to have that easy sprint to fire speed happening, and the same goes for the laser because you don't want to get outplayed by SMGs.

Now, we do need the high-velocity rounds. High-velocity rounds are an absolute must; they're just way too good, and we can tune them also towards velocity and damage range up here so that one can be pulled out now. Muzzle and on the barrel, there are two choices to make for the underbarrels; all of this is around two to four percent, and back here with the Merc, the lock grip and the pineapple, we have the 789 grips, and I'm going to go with a lock grip.

best lachman 556 class setup

Precision that gets tuned towards aimed on side speed and also here hip recoil control is important because sometimes you start shooting and you do like this so, why would you not start with a better hip file recoiler? If you already know how to do the ads transition, especially when someone is super close to you with these four attachments on, have you noticed have a very good laser beam goes in but there is some wobbling happening, especially the further you shoot and the more you feel it?

I mean, this is plenty, good, but there's a little bit we can improve this more now that you might want to use the suppressor, but you have more than enough bullet velocity or sniper support, and here I'm looking at the Eastern Havoc, which has an 11-inch vertical barrel. We don't have much recoil, so 11 is fine on the vertical, but 23 on the horizontal.

best loadout warzone 2

Now you could say, "Why don't you just take the Komodo heavy that does 26 on the horizontal and seven percent on the vertical?" And that's where the Eastern Havoc feels a little bit better to me when I shoot the two words "gun kick control" on 25 and "recoil stabilization" on 60. And now that you have this little bad boy, you notice how, also in the distance, it just doesn't really go left and right anymore, and, looking at the wall, it could not be better at any distance.

If you want a bigger magazine, then take the demo clean-shot grip off. Now the Lakman 556 on long range, we're going to start with a 60-round magazine so we're able to just beam all these shots away, and we're using a very nice thermal, a nut thermal side called the SC Holo term, and that one gets tuned towards far and aimed on side spin, and the SC Holo term is this one that is holographic, which is very nice but you can also turn it off.

best rpk class

So if someone is hiding in a smoke or trying to smoke transition, we're not having that, and we're going to get him down. Now we have two barrels, the lagman wrap for Rico control and the lack strike. One does 13 with a bit of damage range, and the other one does 11 with recoil. Control is interesting in that the lack strike has one third of the ad time plus, so for these two percent Rico control.

I'd rather have the lack strike so I'm able to just ads whoop this out a little bit faster when I'm essentially mid-ranged. Getting this out: 40 versus 110 milliseconds is a big difference now for the long range. High velocity is a must when tuning this towards Ebola velocity on seven and damage range.

Get that out, and now for the muzzle. We have a very even recoil, and it even stops just having recurred at the end, you know, like after 20 bullets, it just stops having recoil them, so we want to kind of stabilize that horizontally and get some of the wibble wobble out, and that's where I'm looking at the F-Tech Castlecom, which does 14 and 19 vertical, to horizontal.

best rpk class setup

You could go for the Komodo heavy with 7 and 25, but I kind of like this double trouble of vertical and horizontal recoil roughly together that the Castle comb has shooting this to 30 and 70, if you're looking at what the gun has to shoot, again, you can easily beam this away at your opponent and you have a minimal shake it feels even better than the rpk only, that it just doesn't shoot like freaking truck bullets like the rpk does now, off with the rpk running into a little bit of bullet velocity issues here, but you have over a thousand meters per second with a high velocity, round tune that even more towards a velocity of around 750, and then pull the damage range out of the optic we're also going to use the holo because it just works so well over the aim down side speed now.

best taq 56 class

We do not want to take any of these barrels, even though the recoil reduction is only two to four percent, so they don't hurt that much, but they also don't give that much bullet velocity. We could take a muzzle with a huge bowl of velocity plus, but we have enough, especially when the lock shot. KT85, does 18 and 16 vertical to horizontal because you want to take care of that little bit of up and right bouncing that the gun has when you shoot, and that helps with the recoil stabilization tremendously.

That's three attachments already in the firing range, and it does feel decent on the mid-range, but on the longer range, you get to get that little bit of RPK. Wibble wobble I mean, you are already very nice on one plane of existence here; you are shooting very well, but you want to take care of the visual recoil even more, and that's why we're going for the Edge 47, which has only a 4 percent recoil control button.

best taq 56 class mw2

It has aiming stability, which does a really good job, and it also has recoil stabilization, which does a fantastic job on top of that with a visual. Then, for the stock, we go for the happy sniper support for aiming stability, even though the rear grip gives seven percent This one only gives four percent; therefore, you still get the aiming stability, and that helps a ton with the recoil and some added speed that you don't necessarily need, and with that, you do have the absolute best.

You do have more than enough bullet velocity to beam this at long range, mid-range, and short range, and, well, you do just insane damage. If you're more into sniping than beaming, check out the top two sniper rifles because all the others have weird damage

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