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The iso has been banned in rank planes, and now there is a new meta, the tac-56, and in particular, for skumpies, attack 56. With this setup, you are going to dominate the ranking lobby. This is for sure the number one or one of the best tactic setups that you can possibly use.

Taq 56 setup

Ladies And gentlemen, here is why I believe Skumpy is running in his ranked play matches: Obviously, if it is Search and Destroy, they will probably swap out the trophy for the Dead Silence.

We got a pretty snappy ad for an AR when we tested out the recoil absolutely. No recoil; we've got the aggressive setup right here; I'll give you guys a no-recoil setup. I can absolutely zero out the recoil setup. This adds a lot of range to the weapon and pretty much increases the overall damage output of the weapon, allowing it to take fewer shots at range to kill the enemy.

best mw2 taq 56 class

That being said, for the tuning on the barrel, we're just going to increase the overall recoil, the horizontal. Recon the weapon, and then for the Bottom Bar user, keep it at zero or I'll increase the damage range. Sam playing on that very big map is probably going to go ahead and increase the damage range, but if I'm playing on a smaller one, I'll just keep it right at zero.

Next up, you guys want to go over to the ammunition. You want to run the high-velocity rounds. Say you're using this gun in a public match. You want to throw on the armor piercing, and then you want to tune it the same way I'm about to tune the high velocity to bring up that damage range and the bull velocity.

This is just going to, you know, increase the overall damage output of the weapon. The armor-piercing ammunition, when it's tuned, is actually better ammunition; it's just not allowed in ranked play, so that's why we are using the high-velocity rounds. So now we have the two base attachments. This is going to be the same attachment.

best pro player class mw2

Some players like to run the x-line, pro, or Cardinal stock. When I was watching stump go, he was running the Cardinal stock, and so that's what we're going to be running. This is my personal favorite. Just add a lot of mobility to the weapon. We are going to lose a little bit of stability, but we are using an attachment to bring that back up, so it's not going to really matter if you do want to use the X-Line Pro.

I won't be giving you the tuning for those builds, but for the tuning on the Cardinal, we are going to increase the ads speed and walking steady, which honestly doesn't really matter, and then for the bottom bar. We're already going to get a D-Smith axe to build it with our underbellies; we're just going to increase the axe's walking speed to allow us to stray a little bit quicker.

best taq 56 class setup

Next up, you guys want to go over to the Brothers section, where there are three different options. The one that we usually run is the shark fin soup. Some players like to run the Phase 3 grip or the Commando foregrip. I believe Phase Three is the best underwear for a lot of recoil control, although some pro players do run the Commando, which is more popular.

To see phase 3 and the shark fin, and then for the tuning on here, bring up the horizontal recoil control by increasing the recoil stabilization, and then because the stock is bringing down the aiming stability, make sure you increase the aiming stability just to counteract that con. From the root up, you guys have two different options.

You can run the clean shot group or the combat grip, which I believe is skumpy. When I was using the combat grip, this was going to add a lot of recoil control. I didn't really want to lose more horizontality, recoil, or control, and the ads were already pretty good, so I'm just going to keep that at zero whenever.

best taq 56 loadout

I don't know, just literally keep it at zero. With all that said, here's an overview of Skumpy's class setup, and just remember that professional players do not tune their weapons, so if you want to play just like them, do not tune this thing. Another great setup for the weapon, it's going to have a little bit less mobility but is still a very good one that a lot of professional players use, so you want to swap this for the X-Line Pro.

This is going to add a lot of crotch movement speed, which is going to be helpful because of the footstep. In this game are allowed, so you do Crouch Walk 8 a lot next up because we are increasing, the Ada Yes, we are going to be going over to the shark fin, and you want to add the clean I'm not the clean shot you want to add the phase 3 grip or the Commando; for me.

best taq 56 loadout mw2

I'm going to add the phase 3 grip, so now we have another setup with a little bit less recoil. Although this is hurting the recoil, control is needed so you can run the combat grip. I don't really see anyone running the clean shot on here fully. Tuning on the phase 3 grip, you just want to increase the recoil stabilization by a tad just so you know this isn't based on a linear scale, which means we're actually getting the most amount of recoil and control when you bring it here rather than if you were to max that out, and then for the bottom bar, bring up the aiming idle stability, and for the tuning on the X-line pro, you want to increase the ads, speed, and the aim walking speed again, and the aim blocking status.

I don't think it really matters on that combat grip because we are losing recoil control with this stock. I am going to be increasing the recoil and steadiness, plus we are getting more speed with the pro and losing it with the underbelly, but you guys will see the ads' speed is still pretty good.

There's a lot of recall control of the weapon to beam these dudes, and then we actually have a pretty good Crouch movement speed. This setup is very good for things like search and destroy. Say you want a little bit more recoil control; I would take off the clean shot grip and then go over to the muzzle and throw on the F-Tac Castle comp.

mw2 best taq 56 loadout

This is very good for a lot of recoil control, however. That horizontal recoil though the weapon is going to be a little bit slow, so you might want to keep this at zero and then for that bottom bar increase the gun control, which is going to reduce the vertical. Now if we test out the weapon, you guys can see way slower 80s.

This is for people like those in AR Mains, where they just sit back and hold lanes and don't really run around the map for me. I don't like playing like that, and so this is not my play style, but this is a very low recoil setup, and you really shouldn't lose a gun fight at a range with all that said.

I think that's going to wrap it up. Just remember that there are so many variations that I would personally just find you your personal favorites. I .

Scump's RANKED "TAQ 56" SETUP is META in MW2! Best TAQ 56 Class Setup Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
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