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Taq 56 class setup

Taq 56 class setup

all right So I wanted to take a similar approach to this Tac 56 that I did to the M4. Let's take off the barrel completely and not focus on those damage range statistics and focus more on aim down sight speed and getting our gun up quickly so we can compete in the close ranges. So one of the biggest downfalls of the attack 56 prior to this build was that it had a very slow, sluggish type of movement.

I've totally eliminated that aspect with this build, and we have an absolute monster in our hands. I'm starting to think that barrels are really a bad idea for a lot of the weapons in this game; of course, there are going to be some exceptions. But, for this one in particular, I think it's better without a barrel.

best taq 56 class

We're going to start here with a FSS OLED laser. A lot of people ask me why I always run with laser sights. The answer is quite simple: there's no real negative to running them other than the laser. Visible While in ads, that's not really a big deal to me, especially when you're playing aggressive, but we gain a bunch of positives here by being aimed outside speed and aiming for stability.

Let's print to fire speed, so now we have a muzzle, the FJX Fulcrum Pro vertical and horizontal recoil control. There are plenty of other muzzles here that do more or less the same thing, so you don't necessarily have to have this one unlocked. I just kind of like the way it looks for the tuning here; you're going to want it.

Negative 0.26 towards dream down sight speed plus 0.23 towards the gun kick control for the underbroken Commando 4 gripper recoil stabilization and amble, and, aiming idle stability, we're only taking away a tiny, tiny bit of aimed on sight speed here, but we are getting those recoil stabilization positives.

There is so much tuning here: negative 0.49 towards your aim down sight speed plus point zero. I'm sorry negative 0.09, to a dream walking speed for the rear grip, the demo clean shot grip to help us get our gun up even quicker, sprint to fire speed, and aim down sight speed where the tuning is going to be at negative 0.26 towards your EDS and then negative 0.20 towards your sprint to fire speed, and finishing us off with the TV axline pro for crash movement speed.

So once again, this is going to be one you want to jump into the game with and give a try for yourself.

Taq 56 gameplay

Taq 56 gameplay

So I sort of took the same approach here with the TAC 56 that I did with the M4. Off the barrel, the performance is very similar; in fact, it's almost identical.

In this video I will be showing you what attachments to put on the best taq 56 class setup in cod mw2 multiplayer. By changing to these attachments you get very snappy aim down sight speed helping for more aggressive play. Make sure to jump into modern warfare 2 and use this loadout now! Timecodes.
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