News - The "new" Taq 56 Update Warzone 2. No Recoil Setup. Best Taq 56 Class Setup - Warzone 2

Best taq 56 class setup mw2

Best taq 56 class setup mw2

All right, let's go ahead and create the absolute best and fastest-killing Tap 56 class. This has zero recoil and is incredibly easy to use. Now we're skipping over the rear grips. These are good options, but we do have a better attachment for those of you who are looking for a point-and-shoot solution for the stock.

We are going to utilize the TV Cardinal stock. You can't go to this attachment. It gives us an increase in walking speed as well as sprint speed. If you do not use this as a weapon, it's going to feel like it's stuck in the mud, and honestly, we don't want that. Now for the tuning, we are going to increase that ain't walking speed to negative 1.55, And aim downside speed at negative 1.81.

best mw2 taq 56 class

Now, we are running an optic. I know what you're saying: Well, the Taffy D6 is a good iron sight. Now, for the tuning, all we're going to do is increase the aim-down sight speed to negative 2.03. We are not running a laser; these are going to be irrelevant, but we are going to rock a barrel in the 17.5-inch Tundra Pro Barrel, which is going to be a phenomenal Choice drastically, bumping up that damage range by accuracy as a nice bonus as well as bullet velocity.

Now for the tuning, we are going to be increasing that aim-down sight speed to negative Point 12 and recoil steadiness to plus Point 35. You're going to absolutely love this attachment on the attack; it's going to make this weapon a long-range dream now. For the puzzle, we are going to rock the Komodo heavy; this is going to be a fantastic option for removing all horizontal recoil and just giving us very little vertical recoil, so we can very easily control this weapon at longer ranges.

For the tuning, we are going to be bumping up that gun kick to plus point 10 and stabilization to plus point 44, a great attachment and tune combination, and then finally, we are going to utilize the Commando 4 grip to smooth out that recoil pattern, making sure we can go full auto without worrying about a thing.

For the tuning, we are going to be increasing that walking speed to negative 0.08 and recoil stabilization to plus 0.59. This is a great attachment tune combo, y'all. You're going to love it once you jump into the firing range. You're going to be very happy because we have a setup that does have quick ads, and like all of my builds there, it's absolutely Zero recoil in a point and shoot manner.

The setup is going to be the f-tax siege SMG with the Sir 160 rear grip, the 72 round drum, the nst81 barrel, the fgx d870 laser, and the Siege wire stock, and we have on the stun grenade approximity mine, and for the perks, double time scavenger resupply, here quick fix, and for the field upgrades.

Pro enabled with Munitions Box and dead silence. This is a phenomenal class setup.

Fast taq 56 mgb nuke streak mw2

Fast taq 56 mgb nuke streak mw2

All right, let's get busy with the tank. We've got one right there. See if you can do it. Are they spawning behind us? They sure are. I love this setup, man. Super easy to use; literally no recoil. Which way are they coming? Baby, I have nine bullets left. Come on, come on, you've got him.

Let's drop this down right here: come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, are they going to come this way? They're going to come this way; they're going to come this way; they're going to come this way. got him out of OverWatch. No, I kind of want to go ahead and get that, Betty.

Somebody's going to come back this way, correct? Let me keep the UAV up. I don't want to sit here. I do not want to sit here all day, so I'm pushing up. Let's get a stun over there. Okay, Betty actually blew somebody up. I'm not too sure who, though, because Someone had the last shield on, so yeah, we might be able to get a nice Lane.

best taq 56 class

All right, we got the advance, and they gave me a ride. Shield, s keep it moving, nice and good, [__]] This is actually not good because now I feel like they're backing out, but they're not backing out. I wonder how many of them are back here; there's probably maybe one or two on the hill; the whole team's on the hill.

I said there were probably one or two on the hill; the whole team is on the hill. All right, I'm going to call the new again, and ready, I only have four guys left, no points to keep the lobby going. There is literally no point in keeping the lobby going; we got the dub, and it looks like we're going to win anyway even if we did not get the dub, so I consider that a huge positive in my book.

Modern Warfare 2 - Best TAQ 56 Class Setup MW2 Best TAQ 56 Tuning MW2! This TAQ 56 MW2 Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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