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Today we're going to be taking a look at the most used weapon here in Modern Warfare 2, which is attack 56. We have an updated build, and it destroys every single lobby you get into. You will see that in today's gameplay, we go crazy, and you guys will love it.

Taq 56 class setup

Now for my first attachment here, guys, we are going with the Tundra Pro Barrel.

This can help with damage drain chip far accuracy and bull velocity with those longer range gunfights. We're going to increase the damage at longer ranges. The bullets are going to be traveling further as well. We get hit-fire accuracy and bull velocity as well, so the bullets are traveling faster.

best mw2 taq 56 class

This can be very helpful for those longer-range gunfights, so make sure to have this on for your first attachment now, going down to the underbarrel. I decided to go with the Bruin Warrior grip. This is going to be a very helpful attachment as well. We get hip fire accuracy, hip recall control recoil, stiffness, and aim walking steadiness, so when aiming down sides, the weapon is super smooth and very steady, but also if we need a hip fire, the weapon is really easy to control and has better accuracy as well, so no matter what, if you need to aim down sides or hip fire, the weapon can be super accurate.

You have full control of the build with just these two attachments, which makes this weapon really easy to use, so make sure to have this on for your next attachment. For an assault rifle, it does have some good mobility anyway, so I'm going to work more on some recoil. That's what I like about my builds here now.

For the broon warrior grip, the only thing I'm changing is the aim down side speed. We get aimed down side speed reclose, day in this aim-walking state in this hip fire accuracy and hip recall control canceling, out that con aiming, down sides faster, helping us be more aggressive, which is always good now.

best taq 56 class

For the overpressure rounds, this is why I say that the overpressure rounds are better than the high velocity rounds. Nerfs that damage range you don't want that, so having this attachment on is a hundred times better than High Velocity Round, so always remember that. For the clean shot grip, we have our spark fire speed at point 10 and my recoil stance at 0.35.

And then for our final attachment, guys, for the Cardinal stock. I have my aim blocky speed at 1.94 and my aim down size speed at 1.16, and if you want to know the rest of my build I was using in today's gameplay. I am running the Bliss just a hand Cannon. This thing is super nasty. Copy these attachments.

You will fall in love with it. We have the stone grenade and a fragment grenade. My nuke package is double-time scavenger resupply, this time with a bird's eye, and I'm running dead sounds to be more quiet, but, like I said, this is the most used weapon here in Modern Warfare 2. If there was like a website or something in the game to show you how many people are using it, this would be the number one weapon.

This weapon is easily used in rank play; it was a CDL weapon. This weapon is still really good, and all the Nerfs still have This weapon is still really good, but try the buildout. What is your highest-kill game? Do you drop any nukes?



I'm pushing this guy. Yeah, I forgot these things are still so good, man. Green laser I saw you. No worries, all right. You know, teammate. I'm glad i'm glad you were there. You know I'll protect you this time. Chuck said that we do have an advanced UAV. I'm just going to kind of wait; maybe not hold on watch.

I get impatient. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's embarrassing Why did I do that? I am so dumb. All right, we're chilling now. I'm not too worried about that. We make mistakes. We make mistakes. It happens you know what? Yep, I knew there was a trophy in there, all right. I didn't know there was one.

I didn't know there was like a little cubby right there. You know, I've played. I've been playing this game for almost a year now, and I still find out stuff about it. It blows my mind, and it's kind of crazy to think that, as you know, we're literally about to go into our next Call of Duty. That's a kill; maybe not.

best taq 56 class mw2

I gotta quit jinxing myself here, all right. I'm going to Chuck a nade there, though I'm going to get a kill flat three, two, boom adios. He has come on, bro. All right, we're chilling. All right, we have another veto. We're kind of cooking, though we got the other team to play objectively. I mean, this is nice.

We're using attack 56, which is nice. I mean, let me keep cooking here, my God, three two one. I keep getting hit markers all right. We're going to go ahead and call that UAV in. I don't i don't want to use my Advance too early. I'm dead man, these things are so good, I want to kind of make a article on them, but then again, you just don't see too many people using them anymore.

We are on a 20, so I could go ahead and use the advanced now so I can secure our first nuke. At least come on now, give it to me, and treat me well. Please come on. I don't really have to reload that yet. I'm going to wait a little bit longer on that. All right, we're about to get another nade, so I'm going to go ahead and chuck that over.

best taq 56 class setup

Being so nice, get out of here, buddy. We should be on our brutal here in a minute, so how many kills are right? We're at 48, okay? Let's keep cooking so that nade is over. Okay, Nade got him. We'll take it easy. All right, we have people taking kills; that's not good. There's our first MGB with us.

I don't honestly have any idea what I want to do yet. Okay, well, it looks like we're just going for another nuke now, so we'll take that. I can't get over there. That's embarrassing what I just did was all right. We're going to Chuck this nade. We're going to get at least a kill now. We're weak people.

This is where I push; we have a teammate streaking up now. I guess that's good. I got homies taking my kills now. Just hold on, bud. He must have been weak, because there's no way in the world I should have There's no way in the world I should have gotten him with a one-shot perfect; there's a one-kill.

I don't know what Homie's doing in there; they're battling perfectly. Getting this game back up, it's not it's not it's not bad, it's not a bad difference here, okay, that's not good, , [__].

Nuclear gameplay

Nuclear gameplay

that up there, I just missed all of my things right there. All right, I just need to play this safe, and we almost just died. I need a I need to play smart. I got a veto shoot near me, so all right, we got an RV tall check, and right there were no stunt checks.

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