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Man Russ's back in aakhan contractors con group p a static chemicals from up north yesterday stole my missiles at Sunrise all 24 hours after Vladimir Marov walked himself out of a prison. He works quickly; he's making up for lost time any way he can. Shadow Company: Shadow Company has that kind of firepower; they're erand boys with tag vests; they're allies.

They carried out a hit on my men. Commander Graves did this. Yeah, well, he had his orders. Yeah, from home, General. Shepher, did Shepherd send you those missiles? My weapons are my business. He's a very dangerous man. Farah, we are all dangerous, Captain. Look, I never want to lie to you, but I can't tell you everything.

What you call classified, I call secret. My country is under siege again. My brother warned us. We just go a lot deeper than us. Well, then let's help each other like always. I hope you trust me implicitly. Bravo 6 kilo set copy your drones on station you and far have the con what thought A lot of Russian con's brought an army to his extent.

No missiles were in sight. They're in the bunkers. Then you see an entry point marking. Now you'll need a key card to get in. We tracked down a captain in our sector with a key card earlier. He had a red beret. Roger red beret. I spotted one near the stair buildings north of the entry. Red Bar—that's my target.

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Frack him and get his key card. Use it on the door for entry, and you'll know another way in. Copy it last, and when it comes, I'll see you. 6 to all stations: con's planting Ulf fingerprints on the base; Makarov's launching a false flag attack; those missiles are American; he's pinning up far in the west; he wants the world to think I'm the enemy; we need to find out what the target is before it's too late.

Six drones are still up. Use it if you need it. Took out their OverWatch, Clear the perimeter copy, find the captain, get his key card, and be advised. Soap and Ghost are on spotty signals underground. Copy, find the missiles, and relay when we can. Let the captain hear that they're opening the blast door.

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They're trying to launch the missile. We need to get through those rules. Can we use these computers to deactivate the launch negative? I need to access the control box on the missing one. The launch platform is on the other side of this door. Copy; it's locked. I'll get it open. Standby station: We located two missiles.

The warheads are C, with chemical I see again that the missiles have chemical Warheads 71, repeat your. This is the missile they're going to launch, Captain [__]. 06 Come in, Captain; you copy. Go for six con's. Put Makarov's chemicals into the warheads. They're going to launch my missiles. My flag, my country—he wants the world to think you did this.

These missiles will launch chemicals. This missile has them too. Farah, these are your missiles. There has to be a way to disarm them. There is a way to get to the control box. We can do this. Together, I'm ready to stand. By the time it's too late to disarm, we have to let it launch what we Closing the blast door and getting it inside the chemical in a bunker—yes, get to the surface, find the blast door controls, and close it.

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Captain. Where will you be? I'll get to a safe position and hold the launch as long as I can. All station-initiated missile launches are at my location. I can't stop it. What is the target of our Clo base in Covia? No, well, Kilo, send in now, copy, go to the tower, and get to the controls. Gap visual on a con Hilo incoming on your position; they're bringing in reinforcements you need to move, Kilo.

Farah, do you copy Farah? Can you hear me loud and clear? Captain Detonation: A complete missile is dead. R Bravo! Give me a sitre. We're too late. Captain Cy surrounded the control guys.

PAYLOAD URZIKSTAN Predator | Realistic Ultra Graphics Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 Gameplay No Commentary [4K UHD 60FPS].
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