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fast weapon xp in warzone 3

You'll want to do this quickly before it ends up getting patched. In this article, I'm going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to level up your weapons very quickly, and you don't even need to go into multiplayer. At all so if you don't have Modern Warfare 3 it's not a big issue all you need to do is follow these simple steps that I'm going to provide to you and make sure you pay attention also stick around for a bonus tip as well so the first thing you want to do is go ahead and load into a war zone match and scroll over to plunder, and for this method I will go ahead and say it is ideal if you have teammates but if you don't have teammates hey don't worry because I do have a way for you to get more teammates so stick around and find out how to do that but before we get into that let's go ahead and look at how to do this glitch, first things first you want to load in with the weapon that you want to upgrade as for me I just unlocked the ram 7 in the battle pass and I wanted to go ahead and level up the lmg.

The tack eradicator, so I went ahead and put those in my favorite slot to get those weapons leveled up. Just a side note, it is worth men mentioning that if you do have some double XP tokens. I do highly suggest using them because it just helps things go along much quicker. But if you don't have double XP tokens, don't worry because this glitch will help you out anyway.

Now that we've gone ahead and selected our weapons and we've jumped into a match of plunder, we can now move on to step two, and within step two, you will want to look for this icon on the map because of what that icon represents. Let's get into step three. For step three, you want to look around the map and find a medic vest that looks like this, and the reason you want that medic vest is because it allows you to respond to your teammates faster, but it also allows you to respond faster as well, so that is something that's actually really important for this glitch.

fastest mw3 weapon xp

It's not completely necessary, but it is definitely a huge help and helps out tremendously. As we make our way into step four, and speaking of step four, you'll want to make your way to one of those ammo caches that we were mentioning earlier because that is where the glitch lies, so locate your nearest ammo cache and go ahead and make your way to the ammo cache, and then what you're going to do is have your team take frag grenades or simx grenades, really any explosive that can help them down easily, and once they're down, ask them not to Res themselves, but you yourself need to Res them because as you res your teammates, you get 100 XP, and that is without double XP tokens, so if you have double XP tokens, it's even faster.

fastest weapon xp in mw3

But and this is very important you got to make sure that you have the weapon in hand that you want to level up as you're doing the glitch because if you don't have the weapon in hand well let's face it it's not going to level that weapon up now is it so make sure you have the weapon in hand that you want to level up and as you see there I am resing and getting 100 XP per revive, now this is definitely much easier when you have a squad to team up with and do it with you so that's why I'm going to share with you my Discord because we have a large community that's constantly in the Discord asking people to Squad up with each other so I highly recommend you join the Discord that's Linked In the YouTube bio so that you can have teammates like, this.

Yourself as you saw, we were rudely interrupted; however, we went ahead and took care of those guys real quick so we could go ahead and finish doing our leveling up of our weapons, so join the Discord and squat up with other players to help you out. As if this glitch wasn't easy enough. I'm going to go ahead and share something with you that's going to make it even better, and what I'm talking about is that you want to go ahead and go into your armor, go into your perk system, and you want to choose this perk; it's called Survivor.

level guns fast in warzone

And that's because if you read here, it says faster revive speed reduces cash lost on death and enemies that down you are automatically pinged. Now, the reason that's important is that this here faster revive speed, so the reason that's important is because it allows you to re-reach your teammates even faster, therefore getting you that XP.

Faster and faster and faster while doing this glitch, thus reducing the time it's actually going to take you to level up each of your weapons, so do this while you can before they patch these ammo crates, but just in case they do patch these crates. I do have another article for you, and it's popping up on screen.

Also, after you finish leveling up your weapons, you're going to want to do your mastery camos, and that article is also popping up on screen, so make sure to check those out to level up your weapons and get

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