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Stop the cap. Stop the KY. It's your boy, no laone, and this is the best glitch in Modern Warfare right now as we speak, so make sure you get on it. This is how to duplicate any item that's in your bag, and this is how to avoid the two-day cooldown for the Ether Blade or anything like that. Now, before we begin this, if you don't have any of these items, I will be going live.

I'm probably live right now, so you need to check, and I'm going to be giving out any item that you see in this article in a simple and very easy way. My Discord is down in the description. That is very important. Let's get it. Let's stop talking. The first thing you want to do with this glitch is that I'm going to show you how to: Duplicate items in the bag and keep the ether blade on you in every single game without having to wait two days every time you craft it, so the first thing you want to do is you want to load into a lobby with the Ether Bay case or a lot of stuff in your bag.


Pay attention to what's in my bag. I loaded in the ether blade case because this is going to be good for Tier 4 missions and everything like that. Y'all know it's two days to craft this, so you're going to load in with either the ether blade or whatever item you want. I'm going to do the ether blade once you're going to equip it, and basically, the ether blade when you use it is rechargeable; you will never run out of that ether blade; it's rechargeable.

Now, the moment you close the application and come back in, you're going to notice the blade is still in your slot. This is acting like a lethal. It is very important because the ether blade literally has a cooldown of 2 days every time you craft it, so you can literally craft it right now and do this glitch now.

I just have it; you see, I loaded in with it after I closed the app and came back in. I'm going to load into a new game once I load into a new game. I'm going to still have my items in my bag was still there once you close the app, so let's say if you collect a lot of items and you do this glitch, everything in the bag is going to still stay there.

This is no tombstone; the tombstone doesn't have anything to do with this at all. Simple and very easy. now I loaded into a new game, and as you can see, I still have my ether blade on me, and I can go around doing any mission. I can go to the Tier 4 zones. I can come out. You can literally go do a mission in the Tier 4 zones, collect a lot of new items, and come out, And when you come out, all you have to do is fix this glitch, which is very simple and very easy now.

As you can see, if I want to collect new items, I'm going to go there again. I'm going to start it up once I see me going into the portal. I'm going to close the app on the black screen again. Once I close the app, I'm going to come back to the main lobby, and guess what? I still have the ether blade, and I still have everything in my bag, and I don't think so.

Your gun will have a cool-down on it. The weapon is simple and easy. This glitch is going to be very helpful. Make sure you get on this immediately because I know this will be patched because these new rare items have a cooldown for two days, so I know they are going to patch this fast. Make sure you get on it.

I'm your boy, no laaz. It is simple and very easy. If you get caught in the discord, they will kick you. We bless the whole community every day. This is an ire article right here. Make sure you like the article. This is your boy, no laaz on, and I,

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