News - S2" How To Max Level Up Guns/operators Less Than One Hour. Fastest Method To Earn Xp Warzone 2


The very first thing I want to go over is that they did add a level cap to this game, meaning you can't max out a gun in one game anymore. Right now, it seems like you can get about 9 to 10 levels per gun, so what I recommend doing is bringing in two guns that you're trying to level up, and when you get 10 levels on one gun, then get back into the other, or if you are just working on one gun, whenever you hit the N9 or 10 level Mark, just fill it and then get back into the next game.

The first method is going to simply be contract farming with easy contracts inside of the game, and by far the easiest contract to farm in the game is going to be the delivery cargo contract. The reason why this is so easy is because you do not even have to shoot your weapon to succeed with this contract; all you have to do is drive a vehicle to an extraction point, and you are going to earn the XP and whatever gun you have equipped at the time, like right there.

I'm using the ram 9; whenever I complete the contract, it's going to give me operator XP and weapon XP, so make sure you guys are trying this contract out; it is super easy to do and easy to get a ton done in the game. The next easiest contract to farm is going to be the bounty contract. The bounty contract is going to get easier and easier as the game progresses as you pack and punch your weapon and increase its rarity, as you can see right there.


I just absolutely melted a level one Bounty contract because I have a triple pack-and-punch gun. Another really good thing about this contract is that it is by far the most common on the map, so you guys are never going to have an issue finding bounty in the game and then going and taking them out, and then finally, it is overall just really fun to complete bounty contracts.

One of the best parts of zombies is driving to a big special zombie inside of the game and just taking him out, so make sure you guys are trying out these Bounty contracts to maximize the amount of XP you can get in the game. The next best contract to do is going to be the outless contract, and the main reason the outless contract is so good to do is because you can technically get an infinite amount of kills if you play the game correctly.

You guys can see on the left-hand side of the screen the percentage bar that is going up. That percentage bar is going to constantly go up as long as you stay inside of the little outlet buildings, so you see, right there. I just stepped out, so as long as you step out of the building, it gets to about 90%.

The percentage will then go down, and you can stay outside of the building until it's about 10%, then get back into the building and then start the process all over again, allowing you to get as many kills as you would like. Another really good thing about the Outlas contract is just how fun it is to complete; it kind of reminds me of the OG zombies experience where you're just in a small corridor or small type room defending yourself from an endless horde of zombies, which is always going to be a ton of fun, so not only is this contract a ton of fun to complete, it really is a way to get an infinite amount of kills by optimizing the amount of XP you can get inside of the game.

The next best method is going to be x-ville farming. Treyarch actually buffed the X fills here in season 2 of Modern Warfare 3, increasing the amount of zombies and special zombies that spawn whenever you are completing Xville, and the more players you have with you, the more zombies and special zombies will spawn, so if you're doing it solo, not so many will spawn, but if you're doing it with a full three-man team, you are going to get a ton of zombies.

What I do recommend is that anytime you are near an xville on the map, go ahead and do that, and then as soon as you complete it, go do a nearby contract, whether it be a bounty, an outlast, or a deliver cargo contract, and by the time you guys complete that contract, the xfill will be ready to be used again, and then drive to the xfill and do that, so I'm always on a constant rotation of doing a contract, and then doing an xfill, doing a contract, and doing an xfill, and that is going to allow you to optimize the amount of XP you can get in the game.

And the final best method to earn XP is going to be the hardest way, which is either traveling to the Tier 4 dark ether zone or doing any of the story missions inside of the game. On the screen, here you see me doing the ACV and contract in the Tier 4 dark ether zone, which is by far one of the hardest things to do in the game, but you guys don't have to do this; you could do any of the story missions inside of the game and this method will work.

The reason why this works so well is because this actually does trick to game into thinking that you are in a whole separate game increasing the level cap so if you guys hit the 10 to 11 level Mark and you want to stay inside of the game because you use some really good items, you can go ahead and do one of the story missions or travel to the tier 4 area and that's going to increase the level cap again to another 10 or 11 levels allowing you to completely max out your gun inside of the game, so just make sure you guys are equipping the proper Story Mission you're going to want to be doing and then make sure you guys are doing that to optimize the amount of XP you can get and hopefully leveling up your gun all the way to max level in just one.

Game and that is going to do it for the article. I will catch you guys all in the next.

In todays video I show you the fastest method to fully level up any gun in less than one hour in call of duty modern warfare three Season Two.
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