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dmz duplication glitch

Today I have a article on a brand new unlimited money XP glitch for DMZ. As you can see, I have a ton of valuable items. It is so crazy. This is working right now. You need to take advantage of this before they patch it, since this will be gone very, very quickly. With this glitch, you're going to be able to duplicate any item that you want in the game.

You'll be able to sell those items for money, or you can just stack up on a ton of different items and simply x-fill with those. Once you are in the DMZ, you need to first get a medium or large backpack, so go ahead and get money, head to a buy station, and buy the backpack just so you can see me on the screen.

The backpack is five thousand dollars, which really isn't much at all, and once you're done doing that, you then want to find something that is valuable. As you can see back here at the safe, my friend ended up picking up something that was valuable. You want your friend to pick up the item, and it can be any item.

You can do this with keys. You can do this with self-revive. Anything, any item, that you can put in your backpack in the last three slots has another step. Make sure whatever you want to duplicate is in your friend's last three spots, so right here are the three spots that you need your friend to put his item in.

dmz money glitch

Once you're done with that, you want to head next to a data draw. There are a ton of locations on the map; you can go to whichever one you want. At this point, you want your friend to die right next to the Dead Drop. As you can see, my friend is going to jump off this building and just die from fall damage.

Once he's dead, you want him to give up and make it so he completely dies. Then, you will see his backpack on the ground. Your friend should have that medium backpack, like I said, and you want it as well. At this point, take out the items, then go back to your friend's backpack, go into it, and the items should still be there even though you just took them out.

At this point, leave the backpack, go into the Dead Drop, and simply pick up the items yet again. Keep rinsing and repeating this until your inventory is full. At this point, you can drop the items and then simply keep on getting them. Just keep dropping them and duping them, and you'll have unlimited resources.

dmz solo glitch

Amount of Whatever item you want, like I said, this works with any item that is in the last three slots of your friend's backpack, so it can be held in Keys' self-revive. I recommend armor plates since you should be getting more XP with them. It is 10 XP per buy with armor plates, which is not bad, and you want to make sure that you have the gun that you want XP for in your hands while buying the armor plates.

Now, your weapon will get a ton of levels with this, so keep that in mind. The only thing is that my weapon was already maxed, so I couldn't get levels myself, but when you do this, you can get a ton of levels for both rank and weapon. Now, once you guys are done selling, all of those items simply head back to the dead drop.

Have your friend die yet again, and then duplicate the items, sell them as armor plates, rinse them, and repeat this until the game ends. You can do that, or if you're just duplicating things like keys or self-reviving or anything like that, just head to the X-fill and X-fill, but that's it for this article.

dmz unlimited money glitch

Money glitch The reason this is unlimited money is because you're getting literally unlimited items that sell for an incredible amount of money.

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