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Best vaznev 9k class setup

Best vaznev 9k class setup

these, Are the best guns to be using in season 4 of ranked play, and I got you guys the best class setups. Let's get into it for the first setup we're going to be going over. This is going to be the Vasa, 9k, and this is just the typical Pro Player standard Vasive 9k class there. There are a few changes you can make, but all around, this is what most people are going to be running, so for the muzzle.

I got the spiral flash hider, which is going to be the best muzzle to get a lot of recoil and control without really hurting the mobility for the rigor we are running the true tag grip. This is just going to boost up the overall mobility, and then from here it is a personal preference. The only thing that you need to make sure is on your class is the spiral flash hider and the true tag grip.

best guns for ranked mw2

For the stock. I am going to be running the ultrazat, which is just going to increase that Sprint speed and aim walking speed, so we can just run around the map a little bit quicker and it's not going to really hurt the gun. And then lastly, for the underbell, we are going to be running the shark fin 90, which is just going to add a lot of aiming out of stability, basically.

Removing all the idle Suite on the weapon, giving you more predictable recoil, so it's going to be a lot easier. To hit your shots, but say you're not the best ranked player, like maybe you're like silver to gold, you might want to run the Commando Fork. This is going to give you a little bit more recoil and control; it is going to hurt the ads speed, but it's not going to hurt it that much, and then if you are a beginner, try out the Edge 47.

Or the f-tack gripper; these two are the same thing; those are going to maximize your recoil control, and then also with this build, you need to make sure you are hitting upper chest shots on the enemy, or else it's going to feel like a p shooter you also have to keep your engagements within 10 meters and so if you aren't that good of a player, this gun is going to feel a little bit weakened, so then I recommend adding the cost barrel; this is going to severely increase that damage output.

making it actually stronger, but the ad speed is going to be a little bit slower, so if you are a pretty good player, this is going to be kind of annoying because on those higher ranks, you've got to be able to move around the map very quickly and be in the enemy's face with the cross bear. You can't do that as easily, but in the lower ranks, it doesn't really matter.

With all that said, here is a screen screenshot of the ranged build, and then here is the Pro Player build. Do you want this beautiful mastery? cameras or that heated Madness, maybe they got Vinic, or if you want your account ranked up to iridescent, Well, you should definitely check out Guapsi. Guapsi is a company that will play the game for you, and they'll get any cam or any skin that you want.

Best secondary, perks, and equipment

Best secondary, perks, and equipment

I'll run a pistol if I'm playing on hydro because you have to swim a lot on there, so I will give you guys the pistol class in a little bit, and then I'm always running these stun semantex. If I'm playing search, usually I run the frag sometimes, and respawn. I'll run the frag, and then the perks.

I run these same perks no matter what, and then with an SMG, you usually want to run a dead silence, sometimes. You want to run a trophy system if you're trying to be successful. In that case. I really like to have two different classes: one with a trophy and then one with a dead silence, and I do that with the attack as well, but before we get into the attack.

Best bas-p class setup

best ranked classes season 4

I want to go over the bass P , which got a massive buff in the season 3 reload. One, we are running the same muzzle for the same reason; for the underbell, we are running the phase 3 grip. If you want, you can run the shark fin 90, but the phase 3 grip really doesn't hurt your weapon. I know it says we're losing walking speed in ADBB.

We are losing a little bit of our recoil and control, but that's okay because we have the muzzle and the underbell to compensate for that, and then for the last attachment, we are running the Bruin Flash V4 stuck. This is just going to severely boost the mobility of the weapon, and yes, it is going to hurt it a lot, but we use the other attachments To mitigate these cons, and so all around, this is a very balanced, built-in one.

The thing that could make this weapon a meta weapon is if they increase the base ammo account to 40 and then make it so we can add a 30-round magazine. Which gives the pros of the 20-round mag just like the valve 46. If they do that, you'll probably see a lot of people running the best Peak. Also, the iron sights we all know are a little bit wonky, so if you do want to run an optic, I recommend the Corona Mini Pro or the Slimline Pro for me.

I'll probably be running the Crony Mini Pro if I don't want to use the iron sights, which here is the screenshot of the class for.

Best sniper class setup

Best sniper class setup

To have a sniper class, even if you don't snipe, you need to have a sniper class for the respawn modes. You don't really snipe that much in Insurgent. Destroyer, it is actually very helpful to have one sniper on your team, obviously, depending on the situation, but overall, most people will be running the SPX.

80, or they'll use the MCPR. Previously, I loved the SPX, but lately I've been really liking the MCPR. Something about this weapon is just so nice. The majority of the professional players do run this scope, and it's my personal favorite, and then for the stock, we are adding The Merc stock just to increase the mobility so you can quick scope if needed, which means we are going to lose some recoil and control, but that doesn't matter at all for the rig up.

best ranked guns mw2

We are running the cheetah grip for the same reasons as before: mobility, and then we are losing recoil and control, but that doesn't really matter for the bolt. I know some people don't run the bolt, but for me. I really like to have the bolt, and this is going to increase that re-chambering Speed, so if you need to pop that second shot off a little bit quicker, this is going to allow you to do so, which is going to hurt the re-chambering Accuracy, so basically when you're hard scoping when you go to re-chamber, the scope is going to shake a lot, which is why some people don't use it.

For me, I like to run that, and then lastly, for the magazine, we are running the five-round mag, which again is going to increase the overall mobility. We get those movement speed ads: speed, sprint to fire speed, and reload quickness all around, making this a great attachment for the MCP, and if you do want to run the SPX, honestly.

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