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Overview of all the classes

Overview of all the classes

skipping. It has a few Search and Destroy classes, but it's pretty much the same Colossus. Just on a different perk, setup, and I'll be going over these perks for , the first AR I want to go over is going to be the iso.

Iso hemlock (ar)

And I think this is actually my new favorite gun in the game; it feels like a man of war; it's like slow firing but very hard hitting; this is like a better version of the attack; but these six add like close to medium range; once you get to like medium, far, or far range, then I believe the attack is a little bit better when we take a look at the recoil.

best class mw2

You guys can see very low recoil on the weapon, and as you guys saw me running around, there's a lot of mobility. This is for sure my favorite ISO. It's just that there's so much going on that it's like, "No, that's too much of a distraction." Just throwing that aside, you'll do way better. With the tuning on the side, we're just going to increase that Flinch resistance and make it a little bit farther away. This is going to be a personal preference.

The farther away you have it, the less visual recoil you'll have, but the enemies are going to be a little bit smaller, and so you just have to find your happy medium. I like it right around there. We're just going to increase that horizontal recoil control, which is the recoil stabilization, and then you want to increase the aim walking speed, allowing you to strafe a little bit quicker for the other attachments.

Fine tune The sticks still mess you up, like after you tune them, and then my dead zone still messes me up, but it's a little bit easier now on the stock This one is honestly a personal preference; I really like the rcom or the res on the other builds. I have the Arcom, but for this one I'm liking the Res 2.

best class setup

It's pretty much the same thing; you just get more mobility with this one, but you also have more cons. He's got to pick whichever one you want, but I'll give you a great tune for both setups, so the tuning on the rear is going to be a mobility increase. The ads speed and the aim walking speed, and I got a couple different very good builds for the weapon.

I'll go over my other ones. This first one we went over is pretty much good in any scenario. If I'm playing Search and Destroyer, I won't run a magazine, but for things like respawn, I found the magazines very nice. This next one's going to be a no-recoil setup. So on the no recoil setup, it's pretty much the same thing, but instead of running a magazine, we're just going to be running a muzzle if I'm playing Search and Destroy.

Before they tune in on the castle comp, we are just going to be increasing recoil and stabilization, then we're going to increase that gun kick control, which is going to reduce the vertical recoil sometimes. I like to use the X10 Havoc; in this case, I like the f-tack castle, Com, but sometimes I like the X10 as just a personal preference.

best class setup mw2

I want to go over there are actually a lot of builds for this weapon. This weapon is for sure one of the best in the game, and I just love it so much. This next one, though, is going to be more of a range setup. I'll typically use this on the bigger maps, especially on Search and Destroy. It's exactly the same as the other one, but we are going to be running a bear on the weapon, which is going to increase that damage range.

For the tuning, we are just going to be increasing that recoil, which further decreases the horizontal recoil, and then you want to increase that damage range just to maximize the overall firepower of the weapon. The last one I want to go over that's going to be like a mini setup is this: this thing is so freaking fun to use; I don't think it's like that good, but if you're trying to rush around like on a shipment, this thing will slap on the 45-round magazine.

best class setups

On there, we got the x10 Havoc with like the same tune, and we got the stockless mod, which you cannot tune but which adds a lot of mobility to the gun although we are losing a lot of recoil control for the optic again, so we're just gonna be running one if you don't want to run into optic honestly.

I would run the armor-piercing rounds and tune in for damage range in both velocities, where he can add maybe the attack laser. Sorry for the loud laser. It's pretty much just a personal preference. Feel free to do whatever you want if you don't want to run an optic, and then for the setup, we are going to be running the rcq.

barrel, which is going to increase that mobility by a ton although it completely kills the range and recoil control on the weapon, so that's why I only use it on these small maps for the tuning, bringing up the recoil, insidious, and damage range just because it really does kill the damage range so we need to maximize the mobility, which is already pretty good.

We've run around a little bit quicker, but then you've got to reload all the time. The overall recoil control is surprisingly still pretty good. I can beam that back to the target like somebody usually does. We are missing some shots, but it's not like that bad for this mini-setup before we get into the next setup.

P890 (secondary)

P890 (secondary)

I just wanted to let you guys know that, literally, I'm running these same perks on every single setup. The only time I switch these perks is if I'm playing Search and Destroy for the field upgrade.

I just found out that Minnesota's box and trophy system is going to be the best thing. Then we got the stim and the semitec. Sometimes if I am playing on a map like shipment, then I will throw in like a drill charge, so it really depends on the map, but 99 percent of the time I'm going to be running the semitex, and then for the secondary.

I'm going to be running the P890. For the class on here, we are going to be running the Kimbo, and this is when it makes the weapon completely broken now. If you didn't know, we actually continue to use lasers, which is awesome, so we're going to be tuning it like this. Feel free to increase the hip fire spread if you want.

I just found that this friend of fire speed is pretty crucial in this game, so I'd like to favor that, and then there are those tuning out.

M4 (ar)

best class setups mw2

Let's get into the next setup for the next setup I want to go over. This is going to be my Old Faithful. Class, this is going to be the M4. I absolutely love this weapon.

I'll give you like two or three M4 setups, so for this setup, you're going to have a ton of mobility. Very underrated setup, we got the x10 Havoc for The Recoil. Control; there is the tuning for that sometimes I will throw on that castle combo, but for this setup. I just like the Havoc 90; we got the phase three grip; I believe this is the best underbelly; 4 recoil.

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