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after patch glitch in mw3

We have a new God Mode glitch for you guys in Call of Duty: Zombie. Sorry if I sound a bit different. I am very sick. This God Mode glitch will help you guys get the camo and XP. This will help you guys beat the worm boss and all that cool stuff like that while you're in SC mode. You can't die.

mw3 2023 camo glitch

Anyway, let's get right into how you perform this glitch. Shout out to Bubs for letting me use his footage. I am on vacation right now, so you want to go into the Tier 3 Zone. Grab yourself a juggernaut. You guys can do the Tombstone glitch to get money for Tier 3 or just do contracts. And you know simply go right ahead and just Spam as many contracts you just need 10, 000 cash to do this glitch so it's really not that much now once you guys are done getting your jug you then want to Chuck It On The Ground now this is the most consistent way of hitting it all you want to do is go prone in front of the jug then do a tack Sprint as soon as you tack Sprint you want to pick up the Juggernaut and just keep on running forward at this point you will be glitched in the ground, and just be totally messed up it's crazy what's happening and now at this point you just want to wait until the jug is done and run now at this point you want to wait until the jug is done and runs out now once it runs out you guys want to Tactical Sprint or just Spam the job button to get out of this glitched animation, then once you're out of it you want to go ahead and dolphin dive and that will activate the god mode for some reason the game will think that you're not really there even though you are.

And you were literally in full true God mode from anything that hits you now, projectiles. Like the mimic, you know, shoot with the electric kind of ball that can get you or just any projectile like that, but if it goes up and hits you, then you are fine and you won't die. Now that you cannot enter a vehicle, you cannot use the scorcher because that will not glitch you, and you can also get out of god mode by sprinting.

mw3 bass fight instant complete glitch

Now if you do get out of any of those things and you're not in god mode anymore in order to get back into god mode, you want to just simply dolphin dive yet again every time dolphin dive you'll be in god mode, then you know you're good and you won't die from zombie hits or anything, and now as you can see.

I did the glitch right here and you will see that I have god mode and the zombies are trying to hit me but I'm not really there and they cannot kill me and cannot touch me. I can literally go into Tier 3 Zone and stand still, and nothing can get me. I can go into the dark ether zone, and nothing can get me but projectiles.

Which is super OP, and this will help you guys take out the bosses and get you guys to know your stuff, like your schematics. And everything you need is truly gamebreaking: easily max out all of your weapons and get unlimited XP because zombies can't kill you, or anything that just hits you gets unlimited.

Camos, and just literally max out and get Borealis in 2 seconds with this glitch. This is basically instant Borealis, so op now before we continue on to this next part of the glitch, I do want to say skip the grind and unlock all of the new schematics for a cheap price. As you can see here, there are reviews; they absolutely love it.

mw3 best glitch

You guys can use these lobbies to get XP and camos. Now, it is best to have these settings on right here if you're doing it; it makes it the most consistent and, in general, the easiest, so you're going to get there in no time if you have these settings on now. the best way to set up infinite zombie spawns, is with the Outlast contracts or, with the egg contracts with the egg contracts, all you want to do is go ahead activate the egg contract for the egg contract all you want to do is activate it throw the incubators or whatever they're called at the egg make them turn red each one make them turn red then remove the incubators or whatever you call them then you want to simply just set up the glitch train around that egg you know contract and there should be infinite zombie spawns if you do what I said now out last you guys can go right ahead and do the glitch then activate your Outlast contract, now for the Outlast contract you want to activate Outlast contract do the glitch, then you want to stay near the Outlast, and wait till it hits about 90%.

mw3 camo glitch

Back off of the contract, then take out all of the zombies; there should be an infinite spawn, then move back into the contract at 90%, move back out, and then kill all the zombies. Basically, you go in and out of it, and you know you go in it when it is not at 90%. And then you go out of it when it hits 90%, and then you just take out all the zombies back to back to back; there will be infinite zombie spawns.

You can set this up in Tier 3 and literally not die. You can set it up in Tier 2, and it's super broken. Do this now; it's just crazy how broken it is. Peace,

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