News - New Sva 545 Build Is "broken" Warzone 3. Best Sva 545 Class Setup / Loadout - Warzone 2

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The SVA 545 is a beam. We dropped 30 kills in today's article. Now let's get to the game. I'm dead here, so dead, I have a gas mask. I got the 30 bot, though. GG's GG's if you enjoyed that game and want to watch me live, make sure you're following the twitch. Now let's get to the build. For the first attachment, we're using the VT7 Speier suppressor muzzle.

This helps with recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range. Next, we're using the STV Precision Barrel. This helps with bullet velocity and range, as well as gun kick control and recoil control. This is the only barrel that's good for this gun; the other ones really don't do much. For the optics, it's whatever you prefer.

I like to use the Jack Glass optic because I like to use this gun at medium range and closer range, but if you like to use your AR at longer ranges. I would recommend the Coral Eagle Eye 2.5 scope, but you can use whatever you like; they're all good options. For the underbarrel, of course, we're using the Bruin heavy support grip.

I usually use this on all my ARS. I tried a ton of different options, and this is honestly the best option. This helps out with the gun kick control, aiming idle sway, and horizontal recoil control. For the final attachment, we're using the 60-round mag. Here's the complete build. This is one of my favorite ARS.


Best SVA 545 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best SVA 545 Loadout MW3 Best AR Class Setup Meta AR Loadout. new SVA 545 build is BROKEN in WARZONE 3! Best SVA 545 Class Setup Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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