News - New Fasttest Killing Sva 545 Warzone 3 (best Sva 545)

best sva 545 class

YouTube It's your boy TK back with another Banger article man, and today we got the SVA 545. We went absolutely insane with this gun. We dropped 25+ kills in this game. Play with this bad boy. You're going to see that the damage that it does is very good for close and medium ranges. Not too much far breath.

This thing shreds, and if you put it in single-tap fire, as you're going to see in this article, it is disgusting, so put it in single-tap fire and go crazy. I'm going to let the gamep play roll. This is by far the fastest-killing SBA class setup, and as you'll see in the gameplay, it speaks for itself, but I caught you at the end for the class setup.

best sva 545 class mw3

GG all right, man made to the end for the class set up now I want to say one thing for sure shout out to my boy Snapple, man he made this, a deal article for me cuz I wasn't going to use the SVA I was going to use as SMG but it wasn't smacking but this right here actually kind of smacked so I'll suggest y'all give it a try and shout out to my boy Snapple, so this is what we're rocking right here we got the 45 round mag of course you guys can do the 60 if you want but I did the 40, just because I didn't want to be too slow and too heavy it is kind of a weaker gun but it does kill pretty quick when you got it in cleat form so I'm rocking with that then we got the heavy support for the under Barrel this is what we're using for the best grip control and gun kick control got to have This thing is a beast, and then we're using the VT Spitfire suppressor.

For the damage range and the bullet velocity, as you can see, it gives you a boost for your horizontal and vertical recoil control ads—really not that bad, but this thing is an assault rifle anyway, so you're going to be aiming down sight most of the time, not being quick scoping. Last but not least, we have the barrel.

Well, we still have the optic, but the barrel that I'm rocking right here is the STV. Precision Barrel: this barrel is the best for this gun because you get the best of both worlds with recoil control, damage, and bullet velocity range; everything else is pool butt; and, of course, the last but not least attachment.

best sva 545 class setup

I know I said that twice we got the Crow Eagles OD at 2.5. Of course, this is the main reason to run and shout out. It was like this is not going to be a meta optic because the MCW had no recoil swallow me, but anyway, that's all I have for this article, man.

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