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best 2 loadout

Alright, man, you're.

Zlr talon 5

Zlr talon 5

Talon 5 for extra sound suppression, bullet, velocity damage range, and recoil. Smoothness: Now on the minimap, pings don't pop up on the radar, but they do on the compass, and having the suppressor on the muzzle also does have some added bonuses, with the bullet velocity and the damage range; it also just makes the shots harder to track with people's ears and stuff when you're up close, so I would definitely throw the Talon on there for the muzzle because it's definitely the best way to go, and here is the tune that I'm rocking on it I have it raised on the RICO smoothness side of things, so very slightly, almost at point one, you could probably get away with putting it at 0.1, but it's kind of hard to tune it exactly.

With your controller here, so and then on the bottom slider here, I have it right raised, 2.55, towards the bowl of velocity side of things for the underbell.

Ftac ripper 56

Today nothing's changed up there, and I'm rocking the F-SAC Ripper 56. This is going to boost the aiming idle stability, give us a little bit of hitfire accuracy, which is really not that important on an LMG, and then also give us some extra recoil and stabilization.

The next tune on that follows here. I have it raised up to.41 on the recoil stabilization side of things on the left slider there, and I also have it raised to.25.

762 high velocity

7.62 high velocity

On the idle stability front, we're going to hop in with some ammunition today, and we are rocking the high velocity rounds on here, boosting that bullet velocity even more without Mazda. Being so big, the bullet velocity is going to be a super important stat for your bullets to actually hit the target faster, and having these high velocity rounds on here definitely helps with that, and since you can even tune the ammunition in this.

I have damage range all the way maxed out at the 0.7 range, the highest it can absolutely go, and then I also have the bullet velocity raise ever so slightly to 2.03. I feel like this is just the sweet spot for this weapon, and that's just what works for me today. We're going to rock a laser to help boost the aim down sight speed and the enemies' ability in the sprint to fire speed.

best rpk class

The laser is visible in ads, but I don't find that to be a major con for this weapon, plus the pros that it does give you an absolute ton of help since this is an LMG, which is kind of slow moving here and there. You actually can't tune this, so you're going to have to just deal with it as the default.

And last but not least, I'm rocking the AIM OP4 on here. That's just my personal favorite thing to use on here. I always say the optic is a personal preference, and nothing changes. You guys can see how easy it is to use, how laser-accurate it is, and how little recoil it has. should get on that now, and then these dual pistols are absolutely broken.

I made a short about that. If you guys are curious about that, just go to the channel page and watch the short, and yeah, man, that's going to be the end of the article. There are clips throughout the article, so make sure you guys watch that; it's been excellent. I'll catch you guys on the next one, man.

Peace, out respect, and lovely go out.

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