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1 shot longbow in mw3

I'm going to be giving you guys the best longbow sniper class in Modern Warfare 3 now. If you want your class to play like this on screen, like this game playay getting super fast amazing, just quick scoping, that has a chance to do 60 to 70% one shot, then definitely stay through and I'll give you all the attachments.

I just want to give you a general sort of overview of this gun and what you need to expect from this class because, first things first, this is a semi-automatic sniper rifle; it's not guaranteed. You're going to get one shot 100% of the time because, by its default design, it is a two-shot to three-shot sniper, but with this class, you're going to get one to two shots.

best longbow class

Before, when I was using other classes that I had, they weren't doing as much damage; they had a lot of recoil, so it was just firing up the screen. There was a lot of flinching and a lot of, like, just general swaying, but this has been mitigated. All of that, and I think it's an absolutely amazing class to use if you're just trying to, you know, camo grind and you're trying to get this long bow done because yes, a lot of people aren't a fan of the long bow and prefer the true sniper rifles the bolt actions that do guaranteed one shots and are just a lot more fun to use, but if you just happen to be using this and you want to get out of the way with and you want your game playay to look kind of like this, at least I'd hope yours is better than this because, my God, my internet is garbage, and half the time I'm in sweat lobbies, so if your game looks a lot better than this, then you're probably going to perform even better than this.

Granted, you have to be good at quick scoping. This also needs to be said: no guys, a sniper. Class cannot make you a guard on the sticks; it can't make you an absolute beast at sniping. Quick scoping, whatever it may be, is all something you have to learn, but if you're good at aiming and stuff, this is going to absolutely improve your overall skill because when you have a good class and you put it with a good player, you're unstoppable.

best longbow class in mw3 season 2 reloaded

And if you just happen to be not so good but you need a good class, this can make you better. There's no fun using a sniper that is going to completely ruin your performance, so hopefully this is enough. General gameplay just to show you how I performed with this class in the game, and so yeah, with that being said, let's get to the class setup.

Okay, guys, so here we are with the actual attachments for the class setup itself. As you can see, we've got the long bow right here. I'm running the infantry vest, so I'm just leaving that as the default. I'm running the gutter knife as a secondary. If you want, you can always swap this out for another sniper, but my advice would be that if you're trying to run dual snipers and you're trying to just have a quick scoping class overall, you probably will want to switch out the Maxman gloves if you just so wish for this right here for the increased weapon swap speed, which is the Quick Grip gloves.

best longbow class modern warfare 3

I personally am not because I'm using a knife as a secondary, and I think that this is going to be more important to use for gloves, so if I'm running those, then I'm running stim cax. Munitions box, and I'm running the Marksman gloves because, as you can see. Marksman gloves do a great job of reducing the sway and the Flinch while you're ads, and that's awesome to reduce that on a sniper class.

Obviously, that should be common sense, I think, and then we've got the boots, which are the tactical pads. This is going to do a great job of increasing your slide velocity and allowing you to aim down while sliding. This is just so important when you're using a quick scoping class with a sniper class in general.

You want to be able to advertise at any point without being penalized. For it, you know you don't want to have to be like Mids Slide, and you can't advertise properly because of how your class is set up, so I think this is really useful to have these boots on your class, and finally. I'm just running the Frat Identifier.

best longbow class mw3 multiplayer

System for gear because whilst you're adsing, it automatically pings an enemy's location in the crosshouse, which is much more useful if you happen to be quick scoping because you're constantly going in and out of adsing, and you know it's just kind of nice to have that whereabouts of where people are, so that is what we're running for the general class setup, so now we're going to get to the attachments, and as you guys know around here if you've been watching a few of my articles You've been watching the class setups, and as of recently.

I've stopped showing the attachments on screen immediately because people just SN snatch the attachments and just leave and don't actually care to listen. To explain what the attachments do, here we're going to explain all of the attachments. First things first, I have decided to put a barrel on this right here, as you can see if you run the TAC brute suppressed barrel.

best longbow class setup mw3

What this is going to do is do two hits of improvements to ad speed, and it's going to do two hits of improvements to sprint to fire. These two are very important factors that we have to take into account with a sniper class, especially a quick scoping class, because if you're running to people and your ads are complete garbage, and even your Sprinter fire is garbage, like you're struggling to come out of aiming without getting shot in the head first, you're not going to win the gun fights, even though it does say it takes a con to bullet velocity and range.

Don't worry about that, because overall, this gun has awesome range. It might do two shots at certain ranges, obviously, but medium is pretty damn near anyway, like medium to short range. It's going to take more or less one shot, especially if you're aiming up at the upper body and the head. It will do one shot, so this is what you want to run for the barrel, and then next we are running a laser.

best longbow quickscoping class mw3

Now some people are opposed to lasers; I get it, but you're really going to want to have it in this class, and the reason we're running this laser is the FSS. LV laser is because, as you can see, it also makes further improvements to Sprinter fire ads and your general aiming stability. And again, we need to prioritize, ads especially, and Sprinter fire on a quick scoping class because the more that you have, the quicker it will be for aiming, and if it isn't, if you haven't got as much ABS on the class again, you're going to notice it, and it's going to be awful trying to aim down sights and trying to be quick with your kills, and then next I'm running the stock, we are running the smooth.

In this video I give the best class setup for the Longbow in season 2 reloaded of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy.
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