News - New Nuke Skin Glitch After Patch Warzone. Warzone Best Nuke Skin Unlock Glitches Solo/co-op

mw3 nuke glitch

Forever, This will be perfect for, you know, avoiding enemies, like, let's say somebody has a bounty on you. Do this glitch easy, pey, and avoid them because you will not come up from the surface at all. The first thing you want to do is simply get yourself a rebreather, which you can find over here underwater in his crate.

When you get it, you are going to be popping the rebreather, then melee pop your rebreather, melee pop your rebreather, melee keep on doing this repeatedly, and you will see that bar on the left will go down a lot slower, almost like not going down if you do it you know well enough if you use it melee well enough it stay on the bottom of the water and then keep on doing this glitch.

Do this forever, stay underneath the water, or if you're just running away from the enemy, just do this to, you know, run away from the enemy and stay underwater, so this is definitely a perfect glitch and super overpowered. For those reasons, let's say you want to do a Most Wanted contract to get some XP, cash, or just anything, or if you're being chased by a bounty, we'll just head all the way over to this location.

mw3 nuke skin glitch

Then go to the corner where this bridge is and walk into it. You're going to fall through the map, and you'll be underneath the map, and you guys can literally swim around underneath the map. Be careful, because if you guys want to activate, like I said. Most Wanted or get away from Bounty, but this one for sure, you have to be careful, because if too many people report you, then you do have a chance to get banned.

It's not a high chance, but it's still a bit of a chance. The best way to do this glitch is to not kill people and just follow the water all along underneath the map until you get to the final circle. Then pop out of this glitch by either finding a rock and mantling on it or a vehicle and entering the vehicle.

After you get out of the glitch, you guys can easily, while you're in the last circle, take out all the enemies and get that win. Skip the grind and get the nuke skin with all the rewards right now. Check out silent services. I also offer camo bot lobbies and zombie schematics, where you guys can instantly unlock all the schematics and instantly get the interstellar.

new glitch nuke skin unlock after patch in warzone warzone best nuke skin glitches soloco-op

Camo, we have so many good things. Or just surviving Most Wanted So yeah, super op, now let's move on to another one, which is how to drive underneath the water, and this is just crazy how this is even a thing. You want to get one of those big trucks, so head over to this spot on the map and simply drive the truck into the water.

You guys are going to be underneath the water, and you guys can just drive, you know, just anywhere underneath the water. Now keep in mind that there are some places you can't go if it's too shallow; then it will float the vehicle back up on the surface and mess with the vehicle, so try to stay in the deepest areas as possible, and you guys will be able to survive, and now that is all of the news.

Working nuke skin glitches now unfortunately, they did patch the stem glitch and I have been trying to find an after patch sadly nothing yet take all these glitches put them together and get your five wins in a row or 30 wins in total then do these glitches again to get that nuke skin So anyway, that's it for this article, which I really appreciate.

warzone best nuke skin glitches

Every single person here that is watching, don't forget to smash a like, and if you guys don't want to go through all these wins and just get the nuke skin right now, well, check out silent services, like I said earlier in the article. Anyway, have a great day, inshallah, alhamdulillah, and may Allah bless you

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