News - New "no Recoil" Stb 556 Warzone 3. Best Stb 556 Class Setup - Warzone 2

best stb 556 class

YouTube, it's your boy Shas, and today I'm with you guys with the noric co-buffed SCB 556, class setup in War Zone 3, but before you guys get to class setup. I do want to show you my game plays and classes in the channel. Guys For the M first attach first stb 556 class set up that muzzle was the bt7, spirit fire suppressor for that undectable by radar recoil control BL velocity and that damage range next you do want to scroll up to the bar most important attachment for his STV 556 class set up and that Barrel was the ftag fb20, barrel for that bu velocity and range we control Gunk control that hit fire cury next we do want to go see optic and a crucial attachment for SCV 556 class setup and that optic was see Coro Eagle I.

25x, next we got the under Barrel make sure to scroll all the way down here and put that Brewing heavy support grip under barrel for that gun control aiming out of sway horizontal recoil and that firing aimy and for magazine last attach for SCV 556 class setup that magazine was 42 round math that magazine look capacity all right guys here you have I see number one SCV 556 class set up in War Zone 3 I'm going to waste any more time's get right to the article peace.

Out, load out, head down, your down.

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