News - New Stb 556 Build Is "insane" After Buff Warzone 2. Best Stb 556 Class Setup -season 3

Stb 556 class setup

Stb 556 class setup

In today's article, we're going to be covering the must-use STV, 556, class setup after the buff in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3. Basically, what I've done with this thing is turn it into the MX-9. Well, what the mx9 should be is that I built it out like an SMG, super aggressive, super fast pace, and all of that includes the assault rifle statistics in both the medium and long ranges.

Let's get into it. Let's start back here with a rear grip, where I have the Bruin q900 grip for both sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed. If you're building out a weapon to be somewhat like an SMG, you're going to need the aggressive tendencies tuning of plus.35 towards recoil steadiness negative.

Point 20 towards the sprint to fire speed for the stock IV brune mx9, stock for crotch room speed Sprint speed along with aim down sight speed again to help the aggression tuning is negative 2.06, towards the aim down sight speed, then negative 1.55, towards our aim walking speed for the laser sight.

best stb 556 build

The VLK laser's 7 milliwatt aim-down sight speed helps with aiming stability and sprint-to-fire speed, again helping with the aggressive tendencies, and this thing really does get around the map extremely quickly with a very fast Snappy aim with the addition of this attachment is negative 0.24 towards sprint to fire and negative 23.03 towards aim down sight speed for the barrel.

You're going to want the 16.5-inch Bruin S901. For movement speed along with aim-down sight speed, you are losing a bit of bullet velocity along with recoil control, but what we're not sacrificing is that overall damage range, which is where we get to keep our assault rifle likes and tendencies while still treating it like an SMG.

34, towards recoil steadiness negative 0.28 towards the aim downsides being the last attention is the FJX fulcrum Pro because we do need to take care of a tiny bit of recoil control with this weapon, and that gives you vertical and horizontal recoil control negative 0.36 towards the game downside speed plus 0.19 towards the gun kid control.

Sincerely. Also, make sure you guys watch the article till the very end to get the exact feel of how you're supposed to be playing with it. We're heading over to Hotel Hope ; you guys enjoy.

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