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In today's YouTube article, guys, we're going to be taking a look at the STB556, here in Modern Warfare 2 season 5. Now with the updated build that I have, I'm going to show you guys one you're going to fall in love with in the gameplay we got today. You're going to be seeing the easiest tactical nuke you have ever seen.

This weapon is really good with handling mobility, recoil, and control.

Class setup

Now get into my build, guys, for the first attachment. We're going to start with the optics. Now I'm going with the SIM Line Pro. Why I'm choosing this is because I'm not a fan of the iron sights; they're too clunky, they're hard to see out of at those longer ranges, and especially when you get into those longer range gun fights, the weapon starts to balance and has a lot of visual recoil, so I don't want that we're going to be adding on the sunline pro from my first attachment here.

best mw2 stb 556 class

If you don't like this online, there are a lot of good choices here. Choose whatever you like in today's gameplay, though we are going to be using the Slimline Pro here now. Going over the stock we're going to be adding to the Bruin mx9, stock now will help us be a little bit more aggressive and get into more engagements.

Being a little bit more quiet, you are moving a lot faster, and then we have some aim-down side speed, which is always good for any gunfight we get into. We always want some handling for our build here, so that's going to be a little plus here. Now, jumping down to the rear grip, we're going to be adding on the Q900 grip for that.

Sprint the fire speed and aim down size speed. Still working on the handling. Being a lot more aggressive up close, it's going to feel like the MX9 you're being really aggressive. You can have that run-and-gun type of play style up close and personal and get a lot of easy kills now. For the underbarrel, we're going to be adding the Edge 47 grip for aiming.

best stb 556 class

Auto stability and recoil stabilization Now I do like this attachment a lot. I say it all the time. It is the best underbell here in Modern Warfare 2 for these types of grips. Here you're making a weapon that's really smooth, very accurate, and easy to control, so this is why I'm adding it on. And then, for my final attachment way up into our tuners, we are going to the muzzle and adding on the Cronin Mall 86 for recoil stabilization, durability, and muzzle flash concealment.

Now to help this build be even better, we're going to get to our tunes for our stb build, and we're going to start with the optic. Now I have my eye position at 1.67 and my aim-down speed at 1.25. We're still working on some aim-down side speed to help us be more aggressive, which is always nice, and then we have our eye position at 1.67.

At far, it's going to help the Red Dot site look a lot more clean, a lot easier to see out of, and we also get no more visual recoil, so when getting into those gun fights, it's more clear, easy to see, and you're going to be more accurate hitting your targets, so we'll help you in those gun fights.

best stb 556 class mw2

Now for the MX-9 stock, I have my eightaukee speed at 1.86 and my aim-down size speed at 2.32. Down side speed again; it's going to be lightning quick. It will help you out a lot here. Now for the rear grip, I do have to spread the fire speed at Point 20, and it is very rare that I do this now. The recoil steadiness is going to be maxed out at 1.00 for reclose day.

In this, we're going to be shooting faster Alfie Sprint, which I don't really think there's a problem with; it's just going to make it even better now, and then we have recoil steadness, which is going to make the weapon very smooth and accurate at those longer ranges. What's going to help out a lot here now, jumping over to the edge?

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47 grip I have my aim walking speed at 0.34; in my aim down size speed of 0.52, there's still a lot of aim down side speed to this build even though we're not adding any more attachments, so this aim on slice speed on this build is super crazy, very cracked, and then we have some more and walking movement speed.

Then, for our final attachment for the chroma 86, we have a recoil control at point 22 and our aimed on-site speed up to 0.19, but, like I said in the intro. I feel like the STB is a very underrated assault rifle.



You're not escaping me, buddy. I'm going to let him play objectively. Honestly, I've been dealing with a lot of teammates here lately just playing pure objectives, so I just need these guys to play some objectives. I need a good game. We haven't had a good game today, so there we are. All right, there are going to be spawns here.

There we go. Adventure AV is already up and going. My dang, this thing is lit. There we are now. What do I need to do? Actually, I saw I got five bullets on me. Go challenge yep, hold that elbow. So I'm going to stay on this side because they are about to go into P2 here, so I do want them to.

Yep, okay, now they're spawning back there. That's good that's good actually, my allergies are killing me. Okay, I'm kind of nervous. Hold on i kind of want this to be okay. Thank you, teammate. You didn't have to do all that. I have a sniper. What am I going to do? I guess I'm going to have to snipe a little bit.

best stb 556 class setup

I literally stink at sniping, so I'm going to have to use it. I'm scared because I'm on a 20 Street I am on a 20 streak. I am kind of nervous, so hopefully I can just find it. A different weapon; honestly, I'm taking this. There, we are okay; we're chilling. All right, it is 63 to 16. I am not liking this, and what I'm going to need to happen is that, all right, we have ammo, so we're really chilling now.

All right, I think we're like one kill away, like, bingo, there we are perfect now. Now I could either do two things here: go on a crazy gun streak in the kill streak or go for a double nude. I really don't know what I want to do yet. I mean, I could make some crazy plays until I die because it looks like they have this hill kind of locked down, which is good.

best stb 556 class setup mw2

Let me see. I've never seen a purple dot before. Okay, and we die, so yeah, I've never seen a purple dot before. I don't know if that's just the Ammo P4 optic, or is it like, is there any way I can actually change my optic? I don't know. I hope that's in Modern Warfare 3, because I think small things like that do matter.

I mean, weapon charms ain't bad, but I would like to customize reticles, and you know, change what color reticles I want because using a blue dot is nice, but you know, be able to use something like orange or purple. I mean, yellow. I mean, there's so many cool different reticles that used to be in older Call of Duty, so we're up 53 kills and we're working on our second nuke.

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