News - New "no Recoil" Best Stb 556 For Ashika Island Warzone 2

Best stb 556 class setup

This thing was already very powerful before the update, and now it's even better, so let's get right into the class setup, or our barrel of choice. We are going to go with the 24.4 Bruin. This gives us more damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control, and this will be tuned for straight recoil control and damage range.

Coming over to the muzzle, we are going to choose between the Harbinger 20 and the Echolus 80. The Hubberger D20 is stronger than the pros, but it is also more detrimental in the cons, so to not lose too much AD, we're going to be going with the Echolus 80, and it still does give us sound suppression bullet velocity damage range along with the recourse movements, and we can also tune this for even more recoil smoothness along with bullet velocity.

Next, we're going to come to the under barrels and go with the F-Tac Ripper, which is all around the best under barrel to be rocking on all your class setups, and this gives us aiming auto stability and fire accuracy along with the recoil stabilization. In the tunic, we are going for recoil stabilization along with aiming for idle stability.

With the magazines, we don't have too many options, so we are going with the 42-round. And now we have the final attachment, which is the optic. And now, coming into the firing range, you can see this thing is at Absolute Laser Game, but if you do want to switch it up for even more recoil control, we can change out the barrel for the Tech FV 20 barrel and tune this for recoil steadiness along with damage range, and coming into the firing range, it actually has a tighter recall pattern, which makes it easier to hit shots at range. Here's a side-by-side comparison between and the two barrels.

the BUFFED STB 556 is AMAZING on Ashika Island Warzone! STB 556 Class Setup. NEW STB 556 BUILD is MAJORLY BUFFED in MW2 SEASON 3 Best STB 556 Class Setup Tuning Loadout.
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