News - New "broken" Lachmann Sub Warzone 3. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup - Warzone 2

best lachmann sub 3

YouTube, it's your boy Shase, and today I show you the three sharp broken laughs and subclass setup in War Zone 3, but before we head to the class setup. I do want to send you my game plays and classes in the channel. Make sure to subscribe and turn on that notification. Bell to stay tuned when I post all right guys for the M first attachment for three Shar broken laugh and class set up that muzzle was he ja BFB, muzzle for that gun can control vertical recoil and that horizontal recoil next you do want to go up see baring most important attach for his laugh and sub class setup in that bar will see F M sub2 for that b of velocity damage range h fire cursy and that Rec control next go down to under Brown go all the way down here and put that Brewing heavy support grip under for that Gunk can control aiming out of s horizontal Reco and that firing aimy.

After that, scr over to grip and slap that laugh and tcg1, for that gun can control that Reco control, and for the magazine, attach it for his three shot broken fast clean laugh and subclass set up that magazine was he 40 round M that magazine ammo capacity, all right guys, so you have a no one broken three shot laugh class it up in War Zone 3.

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