News - The "most Broken" Lachmann Sub Class Setup On Vondel Park (best Lachmann Loadout) Warzone 2

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YouTubers, 40 kills, on Vondo, park with the meta lockman sub, also known as the MP5.

Meta lachmann sub setup & tuning

Next one, all right guys, jumping for the class setup for today's article for the Vlogmas sub setup. Starting off, we're actually not going to run a barrel; we're going to start off with a laser. In other articles and other people's setups, they're going to rock the BLK laser at seven milliwatts, which is really good, but there's one downfall, which you can actually see: Laser whenever your ads, as you can see right here, are visible in ads; it's a red laser, and your opponents can see it, so they can see when you're pre-aiming, they can see when you're holding a door, they can see where you are, and it gives your position away.

best lachmann

I run the one milliwatt quickfire laser, which does the exact same thing; it gives you enhanced aim-down sight speed, but the beam on it is blue and it's not visible to opponents. So we're going to rock the one milliwatt quickfire laser for the tuning. We're going to go down towards Sprint to fire speed.

We're going to tune that to negative 0.50 ounces on the bottom. We're going to go over to the left, towards your hands, and aim down sideways. We're going to do that to the negative 35.82-foot hoverboard with our second attachment, the Lockman sub setup. We're gonna rock a stock, and we're gonna write the mere recoil 56 factory stock for the enhanced anti-stability, recoil, control, and sprint speed.

For the tuning on the rear stock, we're gonna go down towards aim. On the down side, speed is negative, and we're going to put that at negative 2.40 inches. Jumping on, we're going to go over to the left towards the hands aim walking speed, and we're going to put that at negative 2.40 inches. Jumping on board with our third attachment for the enhanced magazine, we're going to rock the 40-round mag for the enhanced magazine ammo capacity.

best lachmann class setup

Like I always say, if you guys aren't that skilled of players or you do miss some shots, you're not very accurate. Or, again, if you know it's not the best player, you might want to rock the 50 for that enhanced ammo. capacity, the bigger the mag, the extra 10 rounds, because it is pretty crucial that you are accurate because if you do miss some of the 40-round mag, you might get yourself into some trouble when you are in quad-based game modes.

So for those of you guys that are less skilled, I don't mean to be mean, but if you know if you know your spot, run the 50. You'll enjoy it a lot more. It's not going to be it's not going to be as painful if you do. If you miss shots in the 50s like you do in the 40s, you are going to miss out on some kills, and it might get you killed.

best lachmann sub 2

Jump on board with our fourth attachment for the Lockman subset. We're going to rock it under barrel, and we're going to rock the FSS Shark Fin 90 under barrel for the enhanced aimional stability, but most importantly, what you're getting out of this that you're not seeing right here on your pros list is enhanced straight speed when you are aimed outside, so this is going to give you extra movement, which makes this thing so fun to use for the tuning on the under barrel.

Barrel, we're going to go down to our team now at site speed. Gonna tune that to negative 0.80, ounces on, the bottom, we're gonna go over to the left towards enhance aim walking speed, and we're gonna put that at negative 0.40, inches jumping, forward with our fifth and final attachment for the Lochman sub setup, we're gonna rock an ammunition and we're gonna rock the nine millimeter hollow point ammunition for the crippling power and stun effect it puts on your opponents, and just simply because the most important part is you could tune this for extra damage range and bull velocity, so we're gonna go ahead and do that on the left side, we're gonna go up towards enhance damage range.

We're going to tune that 0.70. Grams on the bottom, we're going to go over to the right towards bull velocity, and we're going to put that at nine grains. With that being said, that is the meta lock but subclass setup.

Lachmann sub gameplay starts

Lachmann sub gameplay starts

Much love to the two gifted I think you're my guy.

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