News - The Og Mp5 Meta Is "back" Warzone 3. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup / Loadout - Warzone 2

best lachmann sub class

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're bringing you guys the MP5. In War Zone 3, before we get into anything, drop a like on the article to see if we can break 500 likes and know you can do it. Comment, share, and be on the screen. Let's get right on to this Banger MP5 setup for the barrel. We did run the L38 Falcon 226 mm.

This is going to go to H with that aim down side speed movement speed man. The MP5 has always been purely for movement because you just move, and you just feel so good with the MP5. There's something about this weapon in every cod that makes you feel different with the movement. As you can see on the screen, it does affect the rec and range, but that's all good, man.

We get so much mobility from this thing, giving us the best movement in this game with the MP5. The other two barrels are pretty much useless. The Latchman Pide, do never put that on ever unless you're playing MW3 for a troll gun. Do not put that on. The FTAc M Sub is actually pretty decent if you want more range, so you can put that on if you want, but the L38 Falcon 226, mm, is purely now.

best lachmann sub class setup

Let me just let me tell you purely for mobility. this, this barrel is going to make you move absolutely insane. I'm going to stop yapping and put this barrel on for the laser. You guys are going to run around the schlanger, the ULO 66 laser. Let me tell you why, as you can see on the screen, it has hip recer control and hipfire tax and spread.

We're going to show the details really quickly. As you can see on the screen, you get so much hipfire with this laser. It's absolutely overpowered. You guys definitely need to try this thing on. Put this laser on right now if you don't have it unlocked. However, I got you guys, man. You know, I'm going to recommend a different laser to put on.

It's definitely going to be for me. See, this one really does help. We're going to put on the Verdant hook cylinder laser 100%. This laser is crazy, and then you've got the CIMO, which is really good as well, but the Verdant hook cylinder laser is the second option. If you don't have the Schlanger Yow 66 laser, but put this laser on right now for the ammunition, man, we did run the high grain.

best lachmann sub loadout

This is going to help us, you know, increase the time to kill. Most of the MW3 guns have a crazy time killing MW2, but they aren't the best, so this is going to help make them overpowered again. As you can see on the screen, we get plus 15 for both the effective and minimum damage range, along with that plus 15 for that bull velocity, so this is just boosting the gun's range and damage, which is really overpowered.

The reco control on this gun is already amazing, so don't worry about the recoil boosts; they're not going to do anything. Put on the high-ground rounds right now if you want to make the MP5 broken like it was in, you know. MW 2019 war zone 1, whatever you want to call it, like the cold war5, as well as put in the high-ground rounds.

Right Now Magazine now, if I can remember, I think we did play solos in today's game play and solos. It is fine for 40-round mags. You need 50 rounds for squads, in my opinion, because if you want to be wiping squads, you need to run 50-round mags. You don't want to be running out of ammo. 40 rounds is perfect, in my opinion, for solos.

best smg 3

Put on the 40-round mag 15; do not put 15 in war zone 15. It is probably fun for MW3. If you want to, like, change it to a tap-fire MP5 or something like that, but 15 rounds is obviously not enough for a fully automatic weapon; it just isn't the default round mag in this MP5, which is 30; that's probably not enough for solos.

You need at least 40 rounds for solo, so you guys definitely need to put this thing on right now. Fin For the Ruger, we did put on the Latchman TCg1. Now, because of the barrel attachment, I think the barrel attachment does increase the reco. We're trying to reduce it now, and with this rifle, it's going to make this gun have no reco minus 7 across all categories for the reco gun kick, horizontal reco, and vertical reco.

You guys definitely need to put this thing on right now to literally make this gun have no RAL. It's probably one of the best movement SMGs in the game, and it's the MP5. You all know how the MP5 rocks, man. It's absolutely incredible. Put this R grip on right now, man. This is the best-class setup for the MP5.


This is the MP that we did run in today's article. Let's get right on to this banger. Man, a poor guy, so he should have come up the other way; he probably might have had a better. Chance: Scared, a poor guy says he should have come up the other way; he probably might have had a better chance. You know what I mean.

It's all good, though. We all make mistakes. We all make mistakes. We all make mistakes. brother, Serious, enemy soldier, incoming Yeah, don't land on me again; you're not going to kill me. It's not worth it, to be honest; really, it's just not worth

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