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best iso 9mm class setup

YouTube, it's your boy Shase, and today I got to show you guys a broken ISO 9mm class setup in War Zone 3, but before you get to the class setup. I do want you to enjoy my game plays and classes in the channel. Make sure to subscribe and turn on that not bell to stay tuned when I post all right guys for the Muzz first attachment for this ISO 9mm.

Make sure to rock those shadow-striking suppressors. Next, we got the under barrel; make sure to rock that Merc forgrip under barrel for that walking sess hitfire and ATX 10 spread and that Reco control. Next, we got the laser, the most crucial attachment for this ISO 9mm class setup, and made sure to rock that VK lzr 7mw for that aiming solity aim downside speed and that Sprinter fire speed.

Next, scroll over to stock and make sure to rock that demo fade tag stock for that walking speed, sprint speed, and For You magazine last attachment for this ISO 90mm class set up rock that 50 wrong mag for that magazine ammo capacity. All right guys, there you have, as he broke the number one ISO 9mm class setup in War Zone 3.

I'm not going to waste any more time; let's get right to the

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