News - New "best" Haymaker Class Is Breaking Warzone 2. Double Nuke Gameplay

Class set up

Class set up

Here and today, we're bringing back another class setup article. It's been a while. It's season 3 here in Modern Warfare 3, and we have the Haymaker. Now we're going to make this short and sweet. I have double nuke gameplay coming up after I show this class, so stick around for that. It's a fire on the new map emergency, so let's get into this class setup.

It's the Haymaker build, and there are other class setups out there floating around, but this one's much better. Just check out the Gam Playay afterwards, but right now we're running the Haym Maker. I'm running from the WSP Stinger. I love this sidearm right here. Look at this sidearm. It's amazing i run this in most of my classes.

You have to try it anyway. Decoy grenades dos scavenger lightweight boots mag holster Mission Control Comm link, now let's go to the man of war, the Haym, maker. We have the SX50 muzzle, the imperior imperator long barrel M1 laser box Blitz tactical grip, and if you haven't already, the Jack mag lift kit.

You have to try this out. This is what's making it all crazy, but anyway, check out this buildout. I'm telling you, it's the best Haymaker build you're going to see or use out there. It triggers guys to have fun and enjoy themselves.

This Shotgun build makes it EASY to get nukes in MW3. PULL THAT TRIGGER FINGER.
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