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Vaqueros, and welcome back to the shotgun. Haven Today's article is going to be very chill. This is going to be more of a discussion, just kind of a talk and talk out loud type of article, because I think it's time we talked about shotguns, buffs, or shotgun balancing in general, and War Zone 2. The game's been out of the wild, and we've had a lot of time to play with these shotguns, and I think it's time we just had a little bit of talk like we did before in Wars on One, so let's just sit back, grab a drink if you want to let me play in the background or something if you have other things to do, and let's just get into the article.

In the background, you're probably going to see some Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay. To be honest, I don't really feel like playing War Zone 2 at this moment. I'm really just waiting on Resurgence, and I'm really waiting on season two because I'm kind of bored of the game and don't like using a shotgun on this large map.

I've never been a big, like, large-map type of Battle Royale guy. I really liked Resurgence, and I really like smaller maps, so Mini Royale is just not really doing it for me either. I don't know, maybe I'm just bored with it, Game, but anyway, let's get into the article. Now the big question here is: do I think shotguns in Warzone 2 need a buff? I'm going to say yes, but that's a general statement because I only have certain ones that really do need it, so yes, some of them do, but others are totally fine specifically.

Bryson 800/890 buff?

Bryson 800/890 buff?

The Bryson 890 and the Bryson 800, I think, are totally balanced and fine. Yes, they don't one-shot kill, but I don't think they have to, and I think that could be a problem for a lot of people, especially on a smaller map.

It wasn't as much of a problem on this big Al Mazda map, but as soon as Resurgence comes, if a one-shot shotgun exists, it's going to be abused to the point where people will just get in there anyway, so I don't think it needs a one-shot kill. This two-shot kill that it has is totally fine. It's very equivalent to the combat shotgun from Warzone 1; in fact, it's very, very equivalent, and so I think it's totally fine; it doesn't need a buff, especially with dragon's breath; it's great; it's a great shotgun overall, the 890 is.

best expedite 12 class

Because you have a MAG, you can just load in shells one by one with the 800, and they deal plenty of damage. They're great, and I really have no complaints about them. They can be a little bit finicky at times, but I think they're totally fine where they are. The big ones I want to talk about are the expedite 12 and the Lockwood 300, and we'll start with the Lockwood 300.

Lockwood 300 needs help

First now, the big issue I have with the Lockwood 300 is that it's just kind of a joke at this point. I've seen a lot of people talk crap about it in the sense that it's just such a bad gun, and it's sad to see a double barrel shotgun, that used to mean something for close quarters battles and was so kind of feared and respected, become a complete joke in a war zone where people would rather pick up the gun and smack someone with it, or they'd rather keep their starter pistol, or just punch someone to death, than use a double barrel shotgun that, to me is really sad and even with dragon's breath helping, the pain that the base gun has it.

Still needs a little bit of love, but now the big reason the Lockwood 300 is so finicky is because of that mechanic that I, basically, talked about before on this channel. It's the same in words on paper with the 725, but if you hit fire, your damage is capped at only three of your eight pellets when you aim down sights.

It magically goes up to four out of eight pellets; all the other shotguns are at four pellets regardless of hitfire or aim-down sights, and I think that with this gun, that's how it should be now. I really like that mechanic and would love to see it implemented more or in a different way, but the way it's implemented on this gun is perfect.

My solution to the lockwood 300

My solution to the lockwood 300

And it's just such a weird thing to have on this shotgun specifically. I just think it needs to be either taken out or increased to five pellets or something like that to make it to where it's dealing some more damage and it's actually going to consistently shoot two shots if you hear your shot.

I don't think it needs to go overboard with just one shot, but I would like to see it consistently shoot two shots, at least up close, and that's just not really happening with this gun unfortunately. Now, dragon's breath does get rid of that, so dragon's breath is pretty much a must on this thing, and with dragon's breath.

I actually found the Lockwood 300 to be a lot of fun and actually kind of worth using, but again, it's only two shots, and you don't really have fast hands generally, so you're kind of screwed in a lot of ways if you see more than one person, but I'm okay with that. Dragon's breath is nice; just avoid the ground loot version and the bass gun.

Expedite 12

Expedite 12

I think this gun really does need some help. The next one I want to talk about is the Expeditor 12. This is another gun that is just really not that good. It used to be pretty good because it had a two-shot kill, but now it doesn't unless you use dragon's breath, and that's the big pattern here: you basically have to use dragon's breath on these shotguns, which I'm okay with to a point, but it's sad that we have to rely on dragon's breath.

Sometimes I just want to use that attachment slot on something else and still have a decent shotgun. The Bryson 108.90 can kind of get away with it, but the expedite in the Lockwood really has no chance. The expedite is sort of the spammy shock to the game, and I don't think they need to go overboard with that.

best shotgun modern warfare 2

The spammy shotguns can get very scary when they're very strong, but this shotgun needs a two-shot kill back. I would really like to see them bring it back with the base gun. Yes, you can get it with dragon's breath; it has its own problems, but basically, you're not getting a two-shot kill with this shotgun, and it does shoot faster than the others, but still not very fast at all; it's still pretty slow compared to the other guns in this game and the other shotguns we've had before.

Just bring back the two-shot kill, please. Also, I think that the recoil on this thing, especially when using slugs, needs to be toned down just a little bit; it's actually ridiculous. How much recoil this thing has—and I'm okay with a little bit of recoil—but the way that the sights are on this gun and that it's just not a good combination with the recoil, and if you try to use slugs on this thing, good freaking luck.

Warzone 2 has been out for a few months now, which is more than enough time to get a feel for many of the guns. For the shotguns in particular, it has been a roller coaster. Some shotguns are pretty good, while some builds really suffer on Al Mazrah.
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