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floor loot only

Warzone is back on the menu. Boys season 3 just dropped and brought back the iconic Rebirth Island and Resurgence mode, and I had an absolute blast hopping back into this game and playing it the way I like to play, which is basically using floor loot and any of the free content that the game has dropped.

I ended up using the well-traveled MCW assault rifle blueprint that comes with the Free War Zone 4 anniversary bundle, and then basically jumped in to see how well I could do just using floor loot and matching with randoms. I think you'll be surprised by some of the results now if you're not familiar with Rebirth Island.

I believe this was actually the first small map in War Zone's history, and it's kind of carved out a nice little fan base, which I would count myself as one of the last seasons we saw the return of Fortune's Keep, and while that was also a smaller map, it had a lot more open and less dense interior combat than Rebirth Island, so it did make some of the initial.

rebirth island

Drops a little more challenging, and dive bombing rooftops and looting up for building fights has always kind of been the bread and butter of war zones for me, and it really plays well on rebirth, which is nice. Sure, the meta builds and more customized load ass can give you a slight advantage, but you can loot a really competitive build right off the ground, which makes the game just less of a cool kids club, and it also gives me this fun avenue to play the game where I don't feel like I'm just grinding up to get the next best weapon; I can just use what's available.

Now that said, one thing that does give me a competitive The advantage is Nvidia's. Reflex setting, and I haven't exactly made it a secret over the years that I've been a huge Nvidia fanboy. I think I've been using Nvidia cards for the entire time that I've been making YouTube content, and there's a good reason why they literally offer a competitive advantage in games that support some features like reflex, and I'd like to give Nvidia a shout out for sponsoring this article and being an awesome partner to work with over the years, and in my opinion, if you are gaming semi-competitively.

Casually compete if you want an advantage. Then reflex is simply a must; it can reduce your latency by over 25% in war zones, and when you notice that difference, it's pretty much impossible to go back. If you've been PC gaming for a while and you're familiar with going down that rabbit hole of performance, guides, and optimizing games to run as fast and perform as possible, you know it gets kind of old and your mileage is generally going to vary, and what I like about so many of the Nvidia settings, like Reflex, is that you can just turn it on and get a straight-up improvement.

Also, if you're finding that your game is very CPU-bound, you can mess around with reflex boost to automatically ramp up your power usage on demand and sacrifice a few fps to further reduce system latency, which I think is absolutely worth it. Also, I can use Reflex on pretty much any computer I own that has an Nvidia GPU in it, as long as it's a 900 Series card or newer, so just about any PC I own at this point can do it now.

So getting back into a war zone My goal this time around was to get a win on the new Rebirth Island using only floor loot or the now-free MCW assault rifle blueprint. Basically, anyone can jump into the game and get this gear right away, and pretty much every match I played I had a decent loadout just from opening a few crates, and there's also the custom loadout cases that are now scattered around the map that give you one of your loadouts as loot, which is pretty cool.

They kind of mix up the meta of always having to go for load-out crates. Now something that I've really grown to like about War Zone's matchmaking is the filter features; you can basically filter your teammates. By looking at their communication preferences, are they using a microphone or are they chatting on their keyboard?

What's their spoken language? You can make sure you all speak the same language; you can even go into play. Styles like: How do people like to play? Do they like to be really conservative and hide away? Are they more aggressive? You can basically make a team that caters to you, and it's awesome, especially if you're feeling more communicative.

And if you want to try hard to get some wins, or if you just want to chat it up with some people, or if you want to relax and not be bothered by voice calls, you can basically set it up for the style that you're in the mood for, and it makes jumping back into the game that much easier. I don't feel like I have to have a pre-made party to have a good time.

I hope more games can start integrating features like this because it's honestly one of my favorite quality-of-life features about the game. Now check out the rest of season 3's features. There's a new field upgrade called Squad Rage that basically gives you faster health regeneration and tactical sprint plus some resistance to vision-impaired gadgets.

Then there's the new biometric scanners that are scattered around the map, and they give you a key card to redeem at buy stations for some free gear and rebirth. It now features a variable time of day system, which is pretty cool. There's also a new SMG and a charge-up rail gun sniper that looked pretty dope, though I didn't spend too much time with these weapons.

And then, of course, they also added Snoop Dog as a playable character to the game, so naturally I had to equip him, because in Rome, right, I mean, how many other games let you play as Snoop Dog? Now, when I first jumped into Rebirth Island, I noticed that it's also been revamped pretty significantly.

With new buildings, a kind of updated layout, and different loot spawns, it's basically a huge facelift that adapts the map for a more modern War Zone experience, and I have to say it's nice to see when developers really seem to understand their gameplay flow and map layout logic. This is something that seems like it should be commonplace in most games, but it isn't.

Cod has always seemed to understand that to some degree, and it's really nice to see in something like War Zone since these are huge complex maps and designing them to flow properly is a bit more challenging than their smaller three-lane designs. Also, the prison is basically the center piece of the map, and it's become a huge hot spot, so if you just want to drop in for instant combat with multiple teams, you can drop there every single time if that's what you're in the mood for, and sometimes I was wondering how well I managed to do with just floor and free weapon blueprints.

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