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what's good YouTube's Ab Baza is here to bring you a new article that's a little bit different from some of the previous articles that I've created. In this article, I'm going to go over some movement tips and tricks that can help you kill the best players in War Zone 3. I'll be using clips from my previous articles killing streamers articles using streamers povs and my povs breaking the clips down to show you some movement tips and tricks to kill the best players in War Zone 3.

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Clip analysis - me vs. raging palma

in my mind, one of my best clips that shows movement INF finess was against a streamer named Raging Palma. We were in a situation where it was 1 vs. 1 on Vonell to win the game, and you'll see I used several different movement techniques to win this gunfight and eventually win the game here.


Within this clip, you'll see that it starts out with me being in a one-on-one situation, and I'll kill the guy to the right in the water, but immediately after that. I'm going to peek towards the gate and graveyard around the cover that I'm at, which is what I call throwing a shoulder, which is essentially me peeking around the cover that I'm at real quick and then getting back behind the cover just to get any information if there's a person in the line of sight looking at me, but I'll throw a shoulder peek towards that gate and graveyard just to make sure that the guy or the last guy that's up isn't peeking at me or trying to kill me around the cover that I'm at.

After throwing a shoulder, you'll see that I was able to spot him at the gate looking at me, but I was also able to get some shots on him, and you'll see that knowing that he's probably a little bit weak, he took some shots at me, so he might have to reload. I'm going to apply some pressure, push up at him at the gate, and make him backtrack a little.


After applying some pressure on them, you'll see I was able to get some more shots on him and crack them, but he pushed back, and assuming he's plating up. I wanted to reset a little bit, keep my position where I'm at, and try to get more information on where he might be, so you'll see I'll jump up on this fence here to take a peek.

I'll jump across the gate to take a peek, and I'll even dolphin dive to try to get a peek to see where he's at, and you'll see that will provide a pretty funny reaction from him later on in the clip after I kill. With the dolphin dive, I was able to spot him standing behind the Bu behind that pillar.

My next action is that I'm going to want to try to jump Peak again, tag him a little bit with some gunfire, and once I have him hurt, apply some more pressure and finish the kill to win. Game, as I apply pressure, you'll see that I no longer see him on my screen, being that I already had a line of sight on him.

There's only one place he could go, which is behind the bum. Out of sight, you'll hear him after I kill him make a reaction about how I knew he went behind the building, and it's really because I had a line of sight on him the whole time and he could have only gone to one place, which is behind that.

Bu, from here you'll see my crosshair is centered right on the bu, and this is because depending on whether he goes left or right. I want it to be the shortest of motion where I'd have to move my analog stick to kill him. If he goes right or left, and you'll see he actually pushes out right, I'll move right.

I'll jump three times just to add some movement to my shots to make it hard for him to track, and I'll finish out the kill to win the game. Last Chance Soldier or, be my whatever man, next time we take the win, look, look how he locks on to people, they how' you know I even went that way. I could have stopped behind the [__]] building, like get out of here.

Breaking cameras

Breaking cameras

Cheetah, get out of here, [__]] man [__]] my man [__]] Hey [__]] my man yeah, the doph die, get out of here, Man, in the next series of clips, you'll see me use a movement technique called breaking the enemy's camera to kill several different streamers. Breaking the enemy's camera is essentially where you'll want to slide, dive, run, and jump directly in front of the enemy, so you'll want to get as close to the enemy as you can use one of those movements to pass the enemy, and when you do so for a split second, the enemy will lose track of you.

You'll basically be in a blind spot on their screen, which is where the term breaking the camera comes from. You'll be able to adjust your aim better than they'll be able to adjust their aim to you, and you'll have a couple of seconds to kill them before they'll be able to kill you. Buddy, get to hunting down the rest.

Of course, you know what's crazy? I hit that guy with my first shot, but because he has his load out, we're not going to win. Look at this. He probably even thought we caught him off guard. I think we hit him first. Yeah, we did. Wow, these guys are cheating. I don't see him holding on; he's on top of me.

I stopped shooting straight left. How did I not win that? Good, I understand to stop shooting, but [__]], like , what?.



One other really useful movement technique is snaking. Snaking is essentially where, when you're behind cover, you're going to be prone. By hitting the circle on my controller, you're going to want to auto-attack sprint out of the prone so that you pop up, and as soon as your gun pops up, you're going to want to prone and go back on your left analog again, so behind cover, you're essentially doing this movement.

And what you can do is you can snake back and forth, you can go left and right, you can make it a little more fluid, and this is really good for, like I said, getting a peer's advantage on the enemy, and even if you want to get some shots in, you can snake get shots in and so forth. In this next clip, you'll see me kill the streamer Camy through his POV, and you'll see me use several different movement techniques, including snaking as well as jump shooting.


And then you'll also see me being able to track him and predict where he's going to go just by understanding the map and, like I said, predicting where he's most likely going. Go is in the chat. Please, we are going to explain what Chav is doing in the chat. Nice that parachute made a lot of sense that parachute made a lot of sense for sure let's check this let's watch.

This is this guy. Walling, like he had no audio. He had no audio to confidently know I was going right side, and like he only PR right side after I moved there. I don't know if that guy is possibly the best player ever.

How to use Movement to Kill the Best Players in Warzone 3 Tips Tricks Part 1.
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