News - How To Make The Riveter Class Overpowered Warzone 2. Best Riveter Build / Loadout

best riveter build

Let's try to get this article to 55 likes. I'd highly appreciate it, and it helps out the channel a bunch. Over on the secondary, we're going to be going with the retti. Tactical is the Sim, lethal is Frag grenade, but the upgrade is Munitions box scavenger gloves running sneakers for the boots and EOD padding for the gear.

Over on the vest, we're going to be going with the demolition vest; this gives you resupply and two lethals. Now let's jump straight into the class setup for the Riveter. Over on the stock, we're going to be going with a demo D50 buffer tube; this gives you sprint of fire speed and movement speed.

Aim walking speed and aim down sight speed as you can see there is a lot of cons You lose gun kick control, recoil control, aiming out Sway and Flinch resistance. But I wasn't really going for a cool, controlled build. I really just wanted a build that I could run around and just easily get kills with over on the rear grip.

best riveter class

We're going to be going with the Phantom grip, which helps out with sprint-to-fire speed and am-down sight speed. I think this is really, really big, especially with shotguns. People like to run auto-tax Sprint, so there is a little delay. In between shooting your gun whenever you have tack sprint on and over on the magazine, we're going to be going with a 30 round mag you lose out on aim down sight speed reload quickness aim walking speed and sprint of fire speed, and over on the underbarrel, we're going to be going with a vertical grip.

I don't know how to say the first part, but just try to look for this as best as you can; this gives you gun kick control, vertical recoil control aiming out sway and firing aim stability, the cons of our horizontal recoil control sprint of fire speed and aim down sight speed over on the barrel we're going to be going with the jcx L suppressed Barrel makes it to where you are detectable by the radar, and it gives you B velocity and damage range.

The cons are aimed at S speed; it would sprint to fire speed. Now going into this game play, I was, like, I wasn't too sure of how good of a gameplay I was going to get, but I surprised myself, and I ended up dropping an MGB. If you guys stick around for that, make sure to comment on MGB whenever I get the nuke.

best riveter class mw3

I hope you guys enjoy it. A small percentage of people that watch my articles are subscribed, so if you like this article, consider subscribing, and also follow me on Twitch, where I stream and play with followers. Now let's get back to the article. All right, today we're going to be checking out Riveter.

As you can see, it's a pretty different class setup that I am not used to, and I haven't used this gun in so long. I don't know if those are good nade spots, but we're going to go top red here and probably get a kill, hopefully if one is. Here, I'm lagging a little. No, wait, that was actually a good play from him.

He just ran in red. Okay, I gave it to him and got 19 kills. Right now, see right there, it kills in three bullets, but like, I'm so close to him and I understand it's a

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