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The Noob Tube has returned in Modern Warfare 2, and although it's only a shadow of its 2009 predecessor, it's still an extremely useful attachment once it's mastered. In today's article, I'll break down all the details.

Nube tube basics

In Modern Warfare 2, we have four grenade launchers to choose from, all from the Barrels category, and each from a different weapon manufacturer.

We've got the spw-40 millimeter, the kl-40m2, the hellscream 40 millimeter, and the tl-40 fire. Drake, regardless of their different names, all fire the exact same 40-millimeter explosive projectile, and they all share the exact same performance characteristics. Once equipped, you'll need to manually switch to grenade launcher mode by toggling your select fire.

After firing your last grenade, your weapon will auto-swap to its alternate firing mode, which allows for very quick follow-up shots to finish off damaged enemies. It's worth mentioning that even though tuning is available on the grenade launcher under the barrel attachment, it won't provide a noticeable benefit.

As you can see here, the projectile velocity is virtually identical even when tuned to opposite ends of the spectrum. As a result, you might as well tune for handling speed and leave it at that. The maximum ammo capacity is very low in multiplayer; you'll max out at one in the chamber and one in reserve.

Warzones will be more forgiving and allow one in the chamber and six rounds of reserve ammunition. Unfortunately, in multiplayer, topping up is only possible by using an ammo crate field upgrade; even the scavenger perk only provides conventional rounds and won't allow you to restock your 30 millimeter grenade ammunition.

Damage and kill range

Damage and kill range

The grenade launcher will deal damage within a radius of 5 meters, dealing its maximum damage at the point of impact and dropping off as you move further from the explosion. Landing a grenade anywhere in the yellow area will deal at least some level of damage. The kill zone against an enemy with full health has a radius of 2.5 meters, which is the smallest kill radius of all explosives in the game and requires a high level of precision in order to be successful.

Against a fully plated enemy in a warzone, a single grenade won't be enough, and you'll need a minimum of two grenades within the damage area to secure a kill. The grenade launcher is also limited by range. You'll need to be at least eight meters away from your target, or the grenade won't explode.

If you encounter an enemy up close, you'll still have lethal potential, but you'll need to treat the launcher like a slug shotgun. A hit anywhere on the body will secure a kill; without an impact, the grenade will explode exactly four seconds after it's launched, and as a result, extremely high trajectory shots won't be possible on nearby targets.



The grenade launcher can be countered in several ways: the bomb squad perk will keep the enemy alive, and you'll need to follow up with bullets to secure a kill; however, a direct hit will always result in a kill even with the bomb squad equipped; unfortunately, the riot shield also fully counters the grenade launcher, and even a direct hit to the shield won't deal any damage to the shield user; enemy trophy systems will also destroy grenades fired from the launcher before they can do any damage, For foreigners, with such a small kill radius, accurate aiming is essential.

Aiming the grenade launcher

aiming tips

Ballistics is a very complex topic, which I've simplified as much as possible in order to provide reasonable results at close to mid-range in typical game situations using the grenade launcher's built-in In the aiming reticle, it's worth mentioning that this system functions best when hip firing the launcher; while it is possible to aim down sight, there's no benefit in doing so as all this does is introduce idle sway and reduce accuracy.

The first step is determining the reticle's baseline range for your particular field of view setting. This tells us how far the grenade will travel forward while it drops from the center point of aim to the lower hash mark on the reticle for my preferred field of view setting of 110. This results in a value of 25 meters.

This value puts the grenade launcher reticle's height into visual context, revealing how much we need to offset our aim to hit targets at various ranges. When aiming at a target 25 meters away, I'll be able to use the lower hash mark as my aiming point. As a demonstration, I'll be attempting to hit the lower edge of this banner at 25 meters.

I can use the lower hash mark as my aiming crosshair and deliver accurate results. At 50 meters, I'll need to aim twice as high. My goal here is to land my grenade between the two sets of windows after lining up my lower hash mark on target, which would normally be used for a 25-meter shot. I can see that my center crosshair is aligned near the roof; this is where I'll need to position my lower hash mark to land a 50-meter grenade.

Without walls nearby, you'll get the best results by aiming at the enemy's feet; fortunately, the same aiming principles apply when aiming at the ground. For this example, I'll use the metal grate as a target at 25 meters. I'll place my lower hash mark at the base of my mark and fire the grenade.

Ranges that fall in between even multiples of the baseline distance will require Ballparking the reticle adjustment for, say, a shot of about 12 and a half meters I can aim at the midpoint between my center hash mark and my lower hash mark and produce accurate results.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

Even though the Noob Tube has obviously taken a significant nerf from its original version, it's still completely usable and actually quite viable, and since many premium gun setups don't require all five attachment slots, you can add the grenade launcher under the barrel and have virtually no negative trade-off to your current weapon setup.

In todays video I'll be analyzing the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher Weapon Attachment in Modern Warfare 2. The Noob Tube 2. 0 works in the exact same way in MW2 as it does in Warzone 2 and DMZ. Ill start by explaining the its basic functionality, then I'll explain its damage area and kill zone, how it responds to the the Bomb Squad Perk as well as all the available counters.
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