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So the new haunting event has just dropped in mod of 2 and War Zone season 6, and this has obviously got some cool rewards across mod of 2 and War Zone. There are some new monsters to hunt down and lots of souls to collect in order to redeem for a bunch of different rewards in The Haunting Store.

Now, souls can be quite difficult to collect; they're similar to trophies from season 3 of One 2, but in this article. I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily unlock them without too much effort. It shouldn't be too difficult at all. If you find this useful, just be sure to leave a like and check out my other haunting guides, like how to defeat the different monsters in War Zone and how to level up the battle pass weapons—that kind of thing this event is only around for.

Until early November, so it's important to kind of do it while you can, and I'll have time stamps in the description if you guys want for different parts of the game in terms of earning trophies, but without further ado, let's dive straight into the guide.

How to earn souls

So you earn souls by killing enemies and then sort of running over them to pick them up; they're like a green, 3D glowing holographic skull, and you can earn these in Model 52 multiplayer.

Mw2 multiplayer souls strategy

Mw2 multiplayer souls strategy

War Zone Battle Royale, and DMZ as well, so you can earn them across all modes, but there's a different number of souls you can earn in different modes, and starting off with multiplayer You can normally earn up to six souls per match, but now the number of souls you can earn varies greatly depending on the mode in which you're playing; some modes are more like six, and some are closer to 12, so it just depends on which mode you're playing.

fastest way to get souls in modern warfare 2

What I would say is the thing with multiplayer. Is that whatever trophies you earn you earn them by like just running killing players and running over them or if players have already picked up Souls then obviously you can take their souls as well but once you've kind of earned these Souls you then need to secure them and the way to do that is basically to finish the match in multiplay, so unfortun you can't leave the match otherwise the ones you've earned will be removed and you basically will have no progress whatsoever so it's worth staying in the match until it finishes which makes things a little bit annoying so therefore I'd say the best modes you want to go for are kind of shorter quicker matches, generally I'd say shipment is quite good although the game mode in shment will vary you know depending on what it is so if it's a quicker mode there'll be probably less souls to get but the match will be quicker if it's a longer mode there'll be more souls to collect but obviously the game mode will last a little bit longer so it's up to you guys but I would say try and go into the shipment.

Playlist if you can, or any other kind of similar mode. You things like TDM, kill confirm that kind of thing. Nothing too long; you just want quick, easy modes, but unfortunately, you do need to stay in the match until it finishes, which is kind of frustrating. The only thing I'd say is that if you guys have pre-ordered Mon 3, you'll get access to the Vault Edition.

You're going to get access to the Soul Harvester blueprint for the M4. It's got some purple weapon tracing effect which looks cool but the main selling point of this blueprint, is that it will get you more souls than normal so with a normal weapon you'd get a certain number of souls with the soul harvester weapon you get double the amount so if you get a kill you'll get two Souls rather than one that kind of thing so if you have pre-ordered it it's obviously worth using that blueprint, or if you're if you're thinking about it obviously feel free to do so but don't pre-order, the Premium Edition just for that it's not worth it just for that but if you'll thinking about it anyway it's something just to consider, but that is pretty much it for multiplayer, what about in war zone let's talk about that quickly and then we'll talk about which mode is best overall so for war zone There are a couple of different modes.

Dmz souls strategy

Dmz souls strategy

Obviously, you can play DMZ, which we'll talk about in a minute. You can also play, you know, VOR lockdown down normal, but you can also play Massive Resurgence. On this nighttime Al Mazra, which is kind of themed for The Haunting, now what I would say is there's two main modes, which would be quite good.

The first one is DMZ, and that's quite good because you can collect souls quite quickly from doing things. You know, killing certain AI every now and then will give you a soul; opening certain containers might give you souls; killing other enemy operators will give you souls; and killing certain monsters will also give you souls.

So every time you kill a monster, one of the main ones that you get rewards from in this event, you get a really large number of souls, about 16 each time, and this is for both Battle Royale and DMZ. In terms of war zones, there's lots of ways to earn them in DMZ, but obviously you've got limited respawns.

You've kind of got to have gear. Some people don't like DMZ; it's a bit more difficult to set up because it's more relaxed and there's fewer people to come hunt you down, but it's a little bit more difficult, so I would say DMZ is good if you're playing it and if you're trying to kill any of the monsters to get these rewards.

DMZ is probably better, but in terms of just collecting souls.

Warzone souls strategy

Warzone souls strategy

DMZ might not be the quickest way, because then you can't just leave the MCH you've got to X, which is a bit difficult, so what I recommend as the best way to collect souls I'd say overall, it's in War Zone Massive Resurgence; right now it's on Al Mazra, and basically what happens if you spawn in there's loads of different ways you can earn souls, so obviously you can kill normal enemies.

Every now and then, there's sort of a spirit lingering around certain areas of that, and if you shoot those, you'll collect souls from them as well, which is good because it will get you souls. Opening lots of loot boxes will get you souls; almost every loot box you open will get you souls, which is really good, so basically you don't have to open many boxes at all to get these souls, like killing enemy operators, killing bosses, or, you know, monsters, like the butcher.

fastest way to get souls in mw2

The swamp creature is that kind of thing; they'll all get your souls as well, which is really good, so there's loads of different ways to get it in massive resurgence, and the good thing about that mode I don't know if it's the same for all war zone modes, but for that mode, at least you can actually leave the match without.

FASTEST WAY To Get Souls in MW2 The Haunting Event! MW2 Get Souls Fast.
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