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Welcome back to another DMC, Guy. Today we're going to be providing you guys with a very helpful article, and it's going to be on how to play DMC as a solo. Playing solo could get very tough, and at the same time it could become very frustrating trying to complete different missions and trying to get all your objectives done, and pretty much you're just about to die, but today I'm going to be providing you guys with different tips and tricks as a solo player, including the best loot locations that you need to go and get different items that you need to survive longer, so if you guys like how that sounds, it's much appreciated.

The basic things that you need as a solo player are going to be self-revived. Without it, it's impossible to play solo. DMZ because you can get sniped from far away, and that will be your life in DMC, but if you have a self-revive, you can always use that to keep going. Another thing you're going to need is a medium- to large-sized backpack, two or three plate vests, money, and, of course, a vehicle if you're going to be traveling through different locations.

best loot locations dmz

So today I'm going to provide you with different locations, which is going to make life as a solo player in DMC much happier. Lan now if you want to stay alive the first location we're going to need to go to is a hospital. There is one location in particular that's going to be shown to you here, right here in the map where I'm pulling it, and at this location here, you're going to be able to find the minimum of at least two self-revives, and maybe sometimes you can find up to four, and that is going to help you survive a lot longer in DMC.

Not only that, but you're also going to have to find a safe if you want to open that safe now that we've revived ourselves, we're good to go, and we're going to stay alive, so we need to find different items such as plates, a backpack, and of course money, so where can we find those items? There are going to be two to three buildings that you can go to, and I'm showing you here on the map where you need to go to these: Three different buildings, not only are you going to find at least three vests, you're going to find the minimum, you're going to be able to find three thousand dollars, and you're going to be able to find the best and, also, yourself.

If you hit this place up, you're not going to be disappointed because you're also going to find weapons if you don't come with one, and then you're going to be on a good path, and this is going to help you start. Your whole entire session will be on a good path even after the update with all the AIS that got buffs.

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There are certain sections that you do not want to go through, but there are some that you need to go through even after the update. These are the best places you can go, and one is going to be the ammunition depot. You guys can find all of those throughout the entire map. the ammunition depots Not only will they give you self-rebon, they'll give you two to three plates, so that's you.

You're going to find good weapons, you can refill your ammo while you're there, and you're going to get backpacks to be able to store the different items, such as a third weapon, or if you need money or more plates, you're going to find different items in the ammo depot that are going to help you stay alive now that I've shown you the ammo depot.

best loot mw2 dmz

In the port, there are about five to six different buildings. The great thing about it is that even though there are a lot of AIS around here, if you're coming in with a vehicle, you can go from one building to another without even getting touched by a single two- or three-plate AIS. So, that's going to help you stay alive, and you're going to come out, trust me.

With at least five thousand dollars, you're going to get a lot of plates. You're going to get a nice medium- to large-sized backpack, two to three padded vests that are going to help you, and sometimes you're going to be able to find self-revive kits, so come to this location, which is very underrated, and I say solo player because there are a lot of ways you can get out of here if you find any players, and you just can't fight three versus one or two versus one there.

There are a lot of locations that you can exit out of there and be able to just get it, hop in your car, and go to a different location now. You're going to be ready for any match versus the super AI bots or any human players that you come across, so there you go; those are the best locations that you can go now after the updates that have been happening to DMC.

dmz best loot

Those locations will help you stay alive. If you guys have any questions or if you need any help in DMC with any mission blueprint or whatever you're struggling with, just check us out on the live stream. We're streaming daily, and we help about anyone that comes to our live stream.

DMZ SOLO GUIDE - MW2 DMZ Best Loot Locations, Tips and Tricks for Solo Players After Patch Updates. These are the best loot locations for solo players in DMZ that will help you with acquiring self revives, 3 plates vest, large backpack, money and much more. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II drops players into an unprecedented global conflict that features the return of the iconic Operators of Task Force 141. From small-scale, high-stakes infiltration tactical ops to highly classified missions, players will deploy alongside friends in a truly immersive experience.
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