News - Datamined Warzone 2 Leaks. Iconic Weapons Returning & Crazy New "free Run" Competitive Mode


From Black Ops 3, I never thought I'd see the day where I was posting free runs again here on the channel, let alone in 2024. But this game mode from Black Ops 3 that I'm sure a lot of you guys forgot about is actually going to be relevant once again here within 2024 because they're going to be iterating upon the idea for Modern Warfare 3, so let's just go ahead and jump into that here.

A number of leaks came out a couple of days ago, and I didn't have time to cover all of them. There's been so much happening in the Cod scene as of late that it's actually difficult to keep up with all the news without spamming multiple articles every single day, but I did want to cover this news because I feel as though it's going to make a lot of people happy.

First things first, there's going to be a new game mode coming to Modern Warfare 3, according to Bob Network UK. Who is somebody I've covered many times here on the channel? He's leaked a lot of things in the past; he's also a data miner, and this information is coming straight from the Modern Warfare 3 game files.


After the new season came out, there's going to be a game mode called Get High that has now appeared within the Modern Warfare 3 game files with the description. Climb to the very top faster than everyone else. How high can you get now that there's footage of this on Twitter? I don't want to post it in my article here today because, typically, Activision is very hit-or-miss when it comes to game file content.

Being posted before it actually sees the light of day. Sometimes they copyright-strike people's channels, but Twitter is a whole different beast again. I'll put a link to it down there if you guys want to check it out. It's going to be a whole lot like Free Run from Black Ops 3, but it's going to have a much more outrun aesthetic, which I actually really like.

It's also going to be much more vertical. I'm not entirely sure if you're going to be able to do it solo and have time trials or anything like that, but it is said that it's going to be somewhat of a competitive mode because you'll compete against other players to reach the very top of the map as fast as possible, and this actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

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I thought the free run was pretty fun. Back in Black Ops 3, and I'm not going to lie, and I know some people are going to hate this, but it also sounds a lot like some of the custom modes that people playing Fortnite have, like there's a lot you can do within Fortnite when it comes to making your own maps and game modes and things like that, while Cod has never had anything that robust.

Having modes like these little side things for people to do, I think, is good for the franchise. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy it as of right now; we don't know when it's going to come out, but it is in the game files, and it is playable if you know how to do it, so I imagine that in the very near future, the game will get high.

Is going to be returning. After the season 3 update, a number of new weapons have appeared within the game files from Modern Warfare 3, and two of them are classic nostalgic weapons that I'm sure people are going to enjoy using again, including the infamous car 98k. That was incredible back in Modern Warfare 2019, and then, of course, all of the Old World War II Cod titles that we had in the past, so the car 98k is said to return.

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We're going to be getting the return of these fast 12 shotguns. I think they're trying to bring Sandy Ravage back from War Zone and make him play multiplayer again, and then on top of that, we have the P Charlie 9 submachine gun as well as the K Papa 50 submachine gun. That has not yet happened, which doesn't mean they were necessarily false; it just means that the release schedule within Activision and with Sledgehammer Games has possibly changed.

Weapons like the EM1 laser weapon from Advanced Warfare have been in the game files for a while, and they even have the Mastery calling cards for the EM1 already within the Modern Warfare 3 files, so there's a lot of things that have been showing up over the course of all these different seasons that have been released with all these updates, but not all of it has been released yet.

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Well, they're still working on a bunch of stuff. We still have season 3 reloaded, season 4 season 4 reload season 5 season 5 reloaded, and then maybe season 6; we're not always guaranteed a season six. As of right now, it looks like Black Ops Golf is going to be coming out in October, and reportedly we're going to be getting a pretty big reveal in June at the Xbox showcase, so we'll have to see how many seasons we actually get for Modern Warfare 3, but I want to make this quick article here today just to let you guys know about a couple of things that have shown up in the game files after the season 3 update.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.

Today we take a look at new content that was recently added to the MW3 game files, showing what will be coming out in the near future.
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