News - Cod: Warzone 2 Best Snow Sniper Mission (frozen Tundra)no Damage



any sign of movement, no PID, but high security on the third vehicle ghost to all Bravo how, By steon Jesus M. You see this in my sight. Let me SM him and call it day six. Whose gold do you have? Eagles actually shepherd, and the Call Flesh is holy. [ __ ] We're sitting ducks out here; then let's move.

Him, why are you here? They're hunting us. John, they found me first. What did you trade for your life? Not a goddamn thing. I'm a four-star United States general, and they kept you alive. Let's toss this. Back in the lake I know Makarov's next target; you didn't even know me. Taret, you were chasing your own tail before I stepped in.

Give it to us, then. You get me out of here first, and I'll station I'm tracking his inbound North Tempel out Ro; what's the call? nothing, a ghost for him, push to the xville roer Watch out for Nick. Plus, it's more like it now. How about a jacket and a gun? No, let's add the gun. I could use your help rocking on the side. On you stick with gas, one wrong move, and I'll pull a hole through, You have six to watch as you send traffic.



The Bravo plan is to hoover it up to transport and drive it to the LZ for extraction. I think your guest may slow you down. Watch your back out here. Fog's rolling in good time for thermal 6 using, thermal freezing my ass off.

This is how far the transport sniper takes cover from the trees. Dead Ahead, anyone have visual negative Nothing on thermals using thermal camels, guys. Watch Shepher open when I'll take the sniper. Roger is there with me, looking at enemy snipers visually. Sniper slays it down; we're clear. Nice work captain, guys, regroup on me.

Ro, that's a [__] [__]. Sandwich, your intelligence better be good. General, my Intel's always good, so you'll get it when I'm out of here. Why is our truck ahead? It appears we do have some admirers of the FM assault. Left Cony Sniper eliminated one x-ray and left a clear work truck's dead. We ho it to the LZ, we'll rally up with far at the mill, and Lay is the one with us speaking my language.


Guys, she will lead us straight to the mill s the course for a few, Ms. Cofy el is secure, and we'll relay any changes. It looks like Con dropped it on you here. Ghost wasn't in the mood for visitors to get movement. Ahead, no ambush if we hit him first. Good call, guys. Far and S. Keep left, guys.

Go right with Shepher. Let's go, snow, Welcome ship, got will go clear guns Bravo's shots This isn't over until we're on that bird. Go, we're coming to you, roping LZ near the bat. Now form up on my mark. IO has hot-spoed eyes on L XO Point. Ahead This way, Bravo Watch it on Bravo 6. What's your status, John?

At the LZ, you need to hold position until Nick's on station with the Healer Gear. There'll be more of them here soon, with Cony reinforcements heading our way. The hell's this? The crossroads might well be without the stars and bars; you look like Groen. The general best of the best is all in one place; we won't make an exception.


What is the agenda of this little powwow? Do I have one? No, I'm all ears. Own up tell us everything. That's it no, you cleared my name. Tell them who I am, what you gave me, and why no one else had the balls to do what I did for you. For all of you, then do the right thing.

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