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Ladies and gentlemen It has been a minute, it has been over a year since I have uploaded a best loadout article for Warzone, and the reason for that is simple: I wasn't playing the game enough. But with the season 2 update, the addition of Ashika Island, and of course all of the updates, fixes, and changes.

I have figured out a lot more and because of that what I've been doing is playing it a lot more and because I have I have figured out a lot of really good and cool weapons to use in loadouts. Now, if you have never watched one of my loadout articles before, generally speaking. I have certain loadouts that do better in certain types of game modes, and you'll see what I mean as we go through here.

best loadouts

There are loadouts that I think will do well for a very long period of time, whereas other things that I think will probably get nerfed relatively quickly, or if not quickly, in the next little while, as we saw with the rpk and the fenet getting nerfed recently. The meta has changed, and that is why I'm making this article, hopefully.

I am able to help you guys out, and honestly. I think these loadouts are so good that the people you're playing against are going to need to contact their lawyers because they're going to think that you're cheating. Speaking of lawyers, this is literally the worst segue ever before we dive into the loadouts.

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Basic loadout

Basic loadout

On this channel at all when it comes to Warzone, so I first have to tell you what I'm using for perks, what I'm using for lethals, and what I'm using for tacticals. Now. The last perk is where things are going to change a little bit as far as your last perk goes when I play solos. I use high alert when I play quads, trios, or duos; I use quick fix because you're going to get even more back-to-back gunfights, and quick fix is going to be more useful there, so for those it's not as useful, and I use high alert because the TTK is so fast.

That is at least what my thought is on it; it might change for you similarly. When we look at our tacticals and lethals, I almost always use drill charges. The first weapon we are looking at here is attack 56. Now, the reason I put this one first is because I don't see it changing anytime soon. When it comes to the TAC 56, it is just super easy to use.

cod warzone

It does not necessarily have the best time to kill, but what it does have is a super good recoil, is very easy to use, and is good with attachments. You're going to see a lot of people using it, and I don't think they're going to touch it because this is a very predominant weapon in ranked play, and they don't like changing weapons that are really good in ranked play, so if you want a weapon you can get used to and use for a long period of time.

I really think this is it. As far as the attachments that I'm using, I'm using the Harbinger, barrel, and top of the 47 grip, as well as the Harb. High Velocity rounds the 40-round mag; you can switch this up and switch it to a laser if you're playing solos, completely up to you, and then the FSS, combat grip, but as far as the tuning on this, first off, we have the Harbinger Barrel; this one I'm making faster for aim down sights and bullet velocity.

This is going to be my long-range weapon here, so bullet velocity is important, and the recoil is already so good that you don't need to make it better, so you might as well have better-aimed down sights. We're going to make up some recoil control with the Edge 47 grip, though this is an attachment you're going to see on almost all of my class setups, so this one we're going to go for better recoil stabilization and then better idle and aim stability.

Walking speed just isn't a huge deal because this is going to be my long-range weapon in this class. For the high velocity rounds, we're going to get a little bit better damage range over the recoil smoothness and higher bullet velocity again; this is our long range weapon, and then finally for the combat grip, we're once again improving recoil steadiness and, aiming idle stability, you don't need that super fast Sprint to fire speed because of that.

Lachmann sub

Lachmann sub

Our second weapon, the second weapon we are using here, is the Lochman sub, aka the MP5, and I love this weapon. I think it's just because I've been using the MP5 for so many years in war zones that it just feels right to use it. It doesn't necessarily have the fastest time to kill for SMGs, but it is close, and again, it is very easy to use.

A lot of the weapons we are going to look at today aren't necessarily the best to kill with. The one thing I will say about weapon tuning is that when you're tuning a weapon, you're going to want to make it good for you. If your class setup might be a little bit different, play a few games, adjust it, and feel better.


It also may be a little bit different depending on what weapon you're using it with. Because we're using this with a good long-range weapon, we can make it so that this is really good up close but maybe has a little bit more recoil, and you're not going to use it at mid-range. You could also tune it so it's better at mid-range with different weapon tuning, but as a whole, this is kind of what I recommend.

As far as our barrel goes, we are using the L38 Falcon Barrel. With this one, we are going to improve recoil because our aim walking speed isn't too huge and then aim down sight speed; you're going to see that over and over again on this weapon. For our underbarrel, we're using the lock grip, and as far as this one, we are going to improve recoil because our aim walking speed is affected by hip recoil.

In this video we look at the 5 best class setups in Season 2 in Call of Duty Warzone 2. These Classes Include Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Attachments, Perks, and more. In This video we go over the 5 Best Loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone 2. Hope you enjoy.
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