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Of Modern Warfare 2 bought three new weapons for multiplayer, one of which was released in a mid-season update. The Chimera is a powerful assault rifle that comes pre-equipped with a suppressed barrel and subsonic ammunition, hiding death markers from your enemies. It's an accurate assault rifle that deals great damage, has little recoil, and has some great attachment options.

If you're a fan of the honey badger from Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Chimera is effectively the same gun. Use the right attachments and tuning, and you'll have yourself one of Modern Warfare to use best assault rifles for 6v6, modes, and even war zones. Warzone In this article, we'll showcase two excellent Chimera builds that showcase their true potential, focusing on accuracy and stealth gameplay, respectively.

Chimera build 1

Chimera build 1

The first build we're going to showcase for the Chimera turns it into a direct M4 competitor, featuring excellent range and virtually zero recoil.

We'll start by replacing the barrel with the 10-inch SA Phoenix, granting the weapon a drastic range boost while minimizing recoil. This opens up the muzzle slot, allowing us to socket the 449 muzzle to greatly dampen horizontal recoil. The Rage 8 stock gives us a notable mobility boost, and the D37 grip counters that stock's recoil penalty for the fifth slot.

We use the vlk lzr, 7nw, to lower our ads' speed and reduce Sprinter fire delay when it comes to tuning these attachments. It doesn't have the mobility of the cast-off 74u or an SMG, so don't go charging around corners if you're fighting SMGs. That said, you have a virtually zero-recall setup, allowing you to land headshots with ease.

So long as you can land a few headshots in a duel, you're almost always going to win, and if you're not a fan of the chimera's iron sights, consider using a canted laser attachment instead of the VLK LZR. Since this setup doesn't use a suppressor, we're going to create a standard neutral gain. Lowdown, you'll want to use double time to quickly get around the map, fast hands to reload your weapons faster, and quick fix to instantly heal after a duel.

You can use dead silence to sprint around the map without making too much noise, and drill charges will ensure campers aren't safe from you. As for your secondary, you can use whatever you like. Fast-draw handguns are always a great pick, but fast hands also make it easy to use rocket launchers, so use what you prefer. Overkill is also worth considering if you don't care for the bomb squad.

Chimera build 2

Chimera build 2

Our second loadout attempts to recreate the honey badger from Call of Duty Ghosts tuning, this weapon towards aggression and stealth the base The barrel on this weapon isn't great, so we're going to fix that by equipping the 6.5 EX-OP40 barrel alongside the Echoline GSX suppressor: the barrel says it has a range penalty, but actually buffs are effective range, slightly atop of the other listed pros to help mitigate the gun's recoil, while the Echoline suppressor will give us a solid boost to recall and control the FSS Shark Fin 90 underbarrel, grip, and vlk, lzr7nw.

best chimera build mw2

Grant a massive boost to aiming ability; add speeds; and finally, the D37 grip helps reduce the gun's recoil even more. The barrel attachment is tuned towards ABS speed, with the barrel also tuned towards aim walking speed, and the rear grip is tuned towards Sprinter fire speed. Stealth gameplay complements this build well; shots aren't suppressed and don't leave behind kill markers, so it should be easier to flank enemies in most multiplayer modes compared to our previous build.

This build is slightly less accurate but far more mobile. It still won't beat out good SMG players, but general map awareness is all you need to dominate with this lowdown, and when it comes to the loadout, we're going for a stealth build, so you can't go wrong with double time and bomb squad for traditional 6v6 multiplayer.

Fast hands is a fantastic perk for every loadout, although feel free to use cold-blooded if enemy kill streaks frequently kill you. Ghost helps minimize your uptime on enemy UAVs; you'll still appear when you shoot, but at least that radar ping has a slight delay. Activate Dead Silence when you need a flank, and use your throwing knife to quickly kill someone or finish off a downed opponent.

Stims are always a good pick if you aren't running Quick Fix. So there's our good and how to get the best out of the Chimera in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

If you were a fan of the Honey Badger from Call of Duty Ghosts, the Chimera is effectively the same gun. Use the right attachments and tuning, and you'll have yourself one of MW2's best assault rifles for 6v6 modes and even Warzone. Luke's here with some of the best loadouts you can create to get the most out of the new DMZ exclusive AR.
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