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Hi, this is Luke with a gamer, and here's a guide on some of the best builds for the M13B in Modern Warfare 2. The first season of Modern Warfare 2 launched with three new weapons, the m13b being one of them, available only through the DMZ mode. The m13b is a fast-firing assault rifle that has virtually no recoil, similar to its appearance in Modern Warfare 2019.

Unlike its last iteration, the M13B and Modern Warfare 2 feature little horizontal recoil at the cost of stealthy attachments. The gun is incredibly accurate with no attachments, but using the right build turns the m13b into a mid-range monster in most modes, including Warzone. So, in this article, we'll be showing two builds that turn the m13b into a flexible assault rifle for all play styles.

Lowering its recoil while increasing your mobility will improve the weapon's consistency, along with the Kronen Mini Pro Site for clearer optics, the VLK LZR7 and W for faster ad times, the F-TAC Castle Comp to lower the weapon's overall recoil, and the Broon and Flash V4 stuck for faster mobility.

The fifth slot is completely up to you, but we're using the FSS Shark Fin 90 for extra aiming stability with no drawbacks to accuracy. Is your strong suit with this gun, as it only takes three headshots to kill someone in multiplayer, and this build makes it quite easy to stain locked on a target's head at short ranges?

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At longer ranges, we recommend aiming at the chest level and letting the gun's recoil climb to their head, leading to easy kills. This gun struggles in close range though, so bring a good backup weapon like a basilisk or the fennec, assuming your loadout uses Overkill as usual, we'll be focusing on neutral games for this lowdown.

You can't go wrong with fast hands as your bonus perk, allowing you to use equipment, swap weapons, and reload your guns faster, while your ultimate perk should be either ghosts or quick fix depending on how aggressive you are. Equipment will depend on the game type, but you can't go wrong with drill charges and stims.

Players should also consider using Dead Silence, while more passive players should consider the trophy system, or DDOS, and finally, pack a close-range weapon for your secondary to cover all your engagement ranges. The second build focuses almost entirely on accuracy, making the M13 the most accurate assault rifle you can create.


We do start with the Bruin Flash V4 stuck to assist with overall strafe speeds, but the rest of our attachments focus on laying down accurate fire from long distances. To that end, we recommend using an optic with multi-zoom levels such as the DR-582 Hybrid Site, the vlk, lzr7nw, for improved aim idle stability, the x10-ported 290 muzzle to remove vertical recoil, and we round off the build with a 45-round magazine.

If you need more range for modes like DMZ, you can replace the laser with the 14-inch Bruin Echelon Barrel. Don't let the attachment choices fool you; this weapon is absurdly accurate at all ranges, even at longer ranges than are normally intended for marksman rifles. The muzzle handles most of the recoil control here, complementing your optic quite nicely.


You're still quite mobile, and you have a solid magazine capacity, making this build perfect for Warzone and groundwater in 6v6 multiplayer. You'll need to have two opponents at a distance to excel with this m13b, as most other ARS require fewer headshots or body shots to kill someone. And if you don't mind lower strafe speeds, you could try replacing the stock with the 556 High Velocity rounds, which make leading your shots in modes like Warzone far easier.

I will be using pretty much the same loadout as our previous builds: fast hands for rapid reloading ghosts, hiding from enemy UAVs, and a pistol with Fast Draw to engage dual enemies in close quarters. The rest of your perks and equipment are down to personal preference and game time, so feel free to experiment.

We recommend trophy systems for objective modes like dead silence or battle rage for solo play and the Munitions Box if you're playing with a group. So there's our guide on some of the best ways to modify the m13b assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2.

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