News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 'oligarch' Stealth-kills Realism

Johnny Storm's coming. Give me a sitre boys on target watch about to split up. I have eyes in the sky. Let's go to work. Bravo is going on copy; the primary objective is the CL key. Elena's security officer says that he's our HBII, right? Handy lazell Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? Do I have to choose between both?

That's the way. Lwell, Watcher Escape vehicle confirmed on the perimeter: there's a cove with four inflatable soft-skin boats and one bird near the East Beach minimal guards. We can't risk Evac taking them out, Roger. There's no escape. The adviser did some digging. H's name is Nester Gustav. Tell his family he won't be home for dinner.

Island's crawling with Cory; burn through H's down. You'll need to spot the key to get us into it. Bunker's open Watcher, copy, and clean work 71, head into the bunker and use the key to access the terminal at all stations inside the bunker to access the terminal, Soap Good work, soap. I see multiple accounts.

Banks routing numbers are the start, but they're all locked under biometric authentication. Sig shows multiple calls from the main house. Melena must be inside; we need her face and eyes. Prince, check out the soap rally at the mansion. We'll take Melena alive. Conal, protect Molena from death.

Death is it. Let's do this, LT. All perimeter assets are down; there is no movement. Moving interior copy, be advised, I'll visual check over hold up in our office, third floor, behind a secure lock door. How do we breach it? If you cut power to the security system, I can open the door remotely, Coffee King; the power should kill the drones too.

Even if we do get to Roman, Noacon won't stop; they'll stop when they're dead. Good point i hope you know what to do. Clean and Clear Watcher, my specialty, watches those drones. 71, Face whereas nothing in my banket King will get you any closer to Vladimir, we'll see that there's multiple Cony group accounts hiding in plain sight.

several recent transfers to Zorda prison, the gag money for Makarov's escape, weth opens, doors, let's withdraw a few rubles from Makarov's coffers, then shall we done? Vladimir's, York, is already bought and paid for; you're not very good at this, nor are you all your men. The days in your accounts are wide open; you're stealing from Makarov's future, not mine, so do you hear that I did?

Let's make this personal. We need to get off the eggs to make this happen, or we will take her with us. Swiss National Bank; this is your personal account. H money's already been seed there will. It looks like we found our pressure point, boys. Let's drain it, don't you? Dare something wrong Miss Romanova, I don't know Makarov's plans.

I am a financer here, nothing more. Give him your print or tell us where to find Marov. You and that little birdy in your ear—that account is my money. I fought for it. I earned it with one more push. When we get her last call or he takes over, he'll know you were here. I'm as good as dead without my money.

I need my money. We need it. There's a V transfer to a stock capital in St. Petersburg vladimir buys old, abandoned buildings. I don't know how he uses them. That's all I can tell you. I see it. That's all we would enjoy doing business with you. Good chat when you beg him for your lives, he won't let you have them.

No mods just a full mission playthrough of me being stealthy and getting realistic kills.
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