News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2. Back On The Grid. Campaign Mission 5


The Russian president never arrived in Hamburg for the peace summit, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. No one is certain what this means for the peace treaty; it looks like Marov just played his next hand. Makarov's been using a local paramilitary group to move shipments into Sierra Leon.

From there, they go towards Morocco and into Spain. He's moving north, right towards our Majesty's doorstep. What's the cargo? I don't know, but it's important to him. They don't want it. We can use the river to get him close. There's a factory in the camp where they store the shipments. The PRF's been waging genocide in the Highlands for months; they'll be everywhere.

Marov wouldn't let this travel lightly if it didn't serve a greater purpose, and chances are the bastard will be there personally to see things off. If he's back on the grid, then so are we. We, Nikolai We're just outside the village. Copy i'll pick you up in an hour. The factory isn't far from here.

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Ma's cargo should be there; keep it silent, let's move, and maintain a low profile for the militias all over this area. So try not to die this time you worry about yourself getting old. Now it is clear that this place is bloody empty. Nikolai The factory is a dead end. No sign of Marov; he must have moved to the militia's headquarters at the center of D.

We're moving there. Now heads up, we got company. We're compromised switch your aky, run, run on, Tower Yuri [__]] The bastards are down here. We got a large group of militias heading our way, then let's give them a proper welcome. Yurri man, the mortar on the roof, stop putting shells down range, use the mortar, and hold those bastards down.

It looks like two technicals and a bunch of troops are lighting them up. Target one: all targets in the village are hostile.

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