News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2. Mind The Gap. Campaign Mission 6


Now, the French just intercepted a message concerning a suspicious shipment headed for British soil. No, sir the call came from a number on the watch list for forgotten industries. Wake up MI5 and notify them that we have an imminent threat. Nothing solid a special branch is sweeping UPN Persons of Interest, but we advise tasking SAS to investigate Tier 1 threats.

Patch me through to Herod, mom. I understand we have unknown hostiles expecting a package. MI5 has identified several possible points of entry. Be advised that the nature of the cargo is currently unknown. Roger My team is getting ready; we'll be on plot within the hour. Don't worry, man; whatever they're up to, we'll put a stop to it.

It's a base plate we're online to view. Roger said that in Bravo 6, there are multiple trucks with dogs. charity worldwide at this time, we believe they are Target. That's why we're doing Cherry's work. The trucks are leaving the docks right now. Our source says that the transport Intel on this OP shows the shipment came from high-value targets overseas.

call of

Be advised that one of the trucks is starting the docks. Why not get a spectre in here and sink the whole bloody thing in a river? Two high-profile Bravo 6 vultur birds will provide air cover. For now, let's just get this thing done and dusted. Fleer is picking up heat signatures in the warehouses; you will need to clear those buildings before securing the truck.

My team will take Warehouse One Bravo 9, handle the other base plate, and know that it's closing fast. We're ready to kick this off. Copy that all teams have' got the nod mission is a goal. All right, mate, let's do this. That's the warehouse in front of us. Burns, we'll sweep you clean weapons, free.

Aly clear bravo six Comm in Bravo 6, do you copy, you Bravo SE? What's your status? The train's down under Westminster; those bastards were using it for transport. Be advised that the trucks are headed in your direction. Get dropside and RV with Bravo to copy. Come on, it looks like it's just us.

Trucks, you got it. Are you recording? Okay, so this is day three in London, and we're off to Sarah. Tell Daddy where we're going. We're going to Big Ben. That's right, Big Ben. There it is, sweetie. It's right there, honey. Are you kidding, Daddy? Look over here. Look at me, Daddy. She is really hyper today.

call of duty

Sarah, don't go too far. Look, Mommy, there's a bird. That's your daughter. You know she gets that from you.

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