News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Mission 8 Return To Sender. Veteran Mode

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Got on target vehicle destroyed enemy troops crossing the road to multiple kills confirmed kill nice work The target was destroyed. Well done yri keep put RS, down additional forces Crossing in good kills very good kills our swing around for another run. Come on, let's get to the Target, Bastard. Echo team, we're entering the target building.

Niol, I prepped for XFI. The Echo team is standing by to watch those corner contacts through the POS visual on the second-floor balcony. Copy that, if possible, on the second floor. Bravo One gets in position flanking multiple hostiles entering the second floor; room off just, Nikolai, we're all broke.

We have what we need ready for Xville. Almost there, the LZ looks clear, but that sand storm is moving in fast; we see it meet you in 20 seconds. That storm is massive. So, you think she was telling the truth about Vul? He was telling the truth. I bet M's life is on us, and as soon as we get back, we can talk to her and get out of there.

Take cover, contact the right person, and get out of the way. Open on the roof, the change of plan heads to the secondary LZ that is coming in fast. I won't be able to touch down once HS gets three. Go, do you copy what F How are we going to do it now? Echo team Nikolai's bird is down, and the sandstorm is on top of us.


We need an emergency, Xill. Roger, we'll contact you when we get a fix on Nikolai. Come on, LS. We've got to reach Nikolai before war is on the menu. V coming through: stay low and keep moving. I can't see two feet in front of me. We've located Nikolai Sher; it's out of your position; get down must have been found.

Embark on a high-stakes mission full of suspense and tactical challenges in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's "Return to Sender".
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