News - Buffed Taq Evolvere Is Absolute Meta Warzone 3. Here. S Why

call of duty

It is your boy stimy two times back at you again today with another MW3. War Zone article, and in today's article guys, we got a very important topic to discuss because the war zone developers have buffed the TAC evolve year, and guys, this thing was terrible before, but my, this is one of the best meta weapons in War Zone history.

After this update, it's got the best fire rate, some of the best range, and bullet velocity that you could possibly have, and it is also an LMG that you can fully push with as an SMG because it absolutely eliminates people. I'm telling you guys you need to try this; it is the ranked meta and also just a regular meta.

And as always, guys, I will have that class set up in there for you, and I'll catch you on the next

In todays video we give you BUFFED Taq Evolvere Is ABSOLUTE META In Warzone 3.
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